About Device Check

GSMA Device Check offers instant access to the world’s most comprehensive database of devices reported as stolen and lost, using the International Mobile Equipment Identifier (IMEI). The database includes stolen/lost status (as reported by operators), the device model, and other information.

Device Check is effective for several reasons:

  • Global solutions with Operators from around the world contributing data
  • Immediately effective with 10 years of device data history
  • Operated by GSMA, the trusted partner in the mobile industry
  • Consumer and environment-friendly solution that can be reversed if the device is recovered


How Device Check Works

What information is in the Device Check database?

Every mobile device (cell phone, tablet, etc.) has a unique serial number known as the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier). The Device Check database contains the IMEI for devices reported as stolen or lost by participating operators, as well as the device model and capabilities.

How do Network Operators Use Device Check?

Participating operators worldwide submit to Device Check the IMEI of devices that have been reported by consumers as stolen or lost, which allows other participating operators the opportunity to.blackist the device on their own network.

How do other companies use Device Check?

After becoming an approved subscriber, users are given a choice of web-based or API access to the Device Check database. By entering an IMEI, the subscriber can instantly see if the device has been reported as stolen or lost by a participating operator. In addition, users can confirm the device model, which helps to determine the device’s authenticity and true characteristics.

What Type of companies use Device Check?

In addition to Network Operators, many other organizations in the mobile device ecosystem utilize Device Check. Device recyclers, retailers and dealers use the data to reduce the likelihood of devices reported as stolen or lost from entering their recycling or resale stream. Insurance companies rely on the database to reduce false or overstated monetary claims. Law enforcement agencies use Device Check to identify and assist in the repatriation stolen or lost goods.


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