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Green Power for Mobile

By Ferdous Mottakin

Empowering Green Energy and Solutions for Sustainable Growth at SingTel’s Go Green Forum

Empowering Green Energy and Solutions for Sustainable Growth at SingTel's Go Green Forum

The SingTel Group met for their first ever Go Green Forum on the 15-16th Nov in Singapore with the objective of empowering green energy and solutions for sustainable growth. The forum was supported by GSMA’s Mobile Energy Efficiency (MEE) and Green Power for Mobile (GPM) programmes. The forum targeted associates of the SingTel Group exclusively: AIS, Telkomsel, Warid, Bharti Airtel, Optus, Globe and Citycell were all in attendance and the GSMA programmes were the only external stakeholders to be present.

The forum discussed the ever-increasing fuel prices and high operational costs as key drivers for going green. MEE recently completed an energy benchmarking study for the SingTel Group and came up with a certain potential cost saving figure. The forum was set to identify an aspiration and to achieve the goal of OPEX saving and energy optimisation. It was noteworthy that each of SingTel’s operating companies have taken significant efforts to do what they can to achieve their target. With the operating companies being so geographically diverse, it was interesting to see how their strategy changed from region to region based on local circumstances.

GPM presented our fuel cell white paper, which was published earlier this year, and shared case studies on two successful projects in Asia and Africa. Since HOMER can be a very useful tool for the operators, we also provided all the attendees with a short training session on the dimensioning process and its usefulness.

A few selected vendors presented their energy management-related solutions and strategies to the group.

The SingTel Group is very keen to take their energy initiatives further and bring a significant amount of efficiency into their networks. Both GSMA’s MEE and GPM programmes will continue to working closely with SingTel to assist them where possible in their target of sustainable growth.


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