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Green Power for Mobile

By Ferdous Mottakin

Exploring Green Networks on Mobile and Development Intelligence

Exploring Green Networks on Mobile and Development Intelligence

Last year, the GSMA launched an open data portal for the developing world’s mobile industry – Mobile and Development Intelligence. The intention was to provide the industry with access to high quality data and analytics to improve business decision making, increase total investment from both the commercial mobile industry and the development sector as well as to accelerate economic, environmental and social impact from mobile solutions. MDI fills the information gap by hosting data from multiple sources such as the World Bank, the UN, and member operators, among others.

The data is categorised in to a number of sectors which in most cases correspond to a Mobile for Development programme. Those interested in data relevant to the Green Power for Mobile programme should look at the Green Networks Sector as their first port of call. Key metrics hosted here include CO2 emissions, energy contribution from combustible waste, fossil fuel energy consumption, number of renewable energy base stations, diesel fuel price as well as a database of relevant organisations and their products and services.

The individual metrics can bring significant understanding for stakeholders to identify the right approach to become more efficient and green. For example, energy contribution from combustible waste represents the potential total energy contribution from combustible waste source. If the current contribution is lower, this indicates that there is an opportunity to utilise this solution. The cross metrics comparison can also be very useful for stakeholders. For example, if fossil fuel consumption and CO2 consumption is higher but renewable base station is lower, this indicates that more base stations should be converted to renewables to reduce GHG emission.

Coming soon to MDI’s sector pages is Energy Access via Mobile, which will host the newly created Community Power from Mobile deployment tracker as well as providing access to various metrics that will be useful to business decision makers keen to extend modern energy services to off-grid communities.


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