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Green Power for Mobile

By Abirami Birrell

Green Power Deployment Tracker: Renewable energy sources by the mobile industry around the globe

Green Power Deployment Tracker: Renewable energy sources by the mobile industry around the globe

In 2009 when the Green Power Deployment Tracker was first built, we had just a handful of green sites to showcase. Now, four years later, we are hosting over 40,000 live and planned sites, in developing countries alone. This is a clear indication of how far the industry has progressed in that time the influence the Green Power for Mobile Programme has had in steering the industry in this directional. In the last quarter, we have updated the tracker to have an increase in 5,163 Green Sites.

This is a phenomenal development and our Asia Project Manager and Africa Project Manager share their views on this fantastic progress:

From Our Asia Project Manager, Ali Imron

“From the Asian region, input was received from Mobile Network Operators during the last Working Group in Indonesia as well as market analysis for the last quarter. Almost 5,000 additional deployment have been identified across Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Malaysia. Telkomsel have a massive solar site deployment of almost 4,000 base stations in rural Indonesia. Cellcald from Cambodia also increased their solar deployments by an additional 500 green sites . In Indonesia, we found HCPT is the leading fuel cell deployers with a total number of sites reaching 500 and spanning across the whole country. GPM notes that solar and fuel cell based solutions are the more favourable choice of technology in South-East Asia.”

From Out Africa Project Manager, Satish Kumar:

“We have tracked the deployment of green power across Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and Ghana over the last quarter through our market research and analysis. The deployment report suggests an additional 335 green sites across these five countries. Airtel Africa is leading the way with the number of deployments showing an increase in over 200 green sites since the last update; this is across five countries.  Almost all of these additional green sites are solar, making it the more favourable technology choice for green power. Besides various energy efficiency measures across operators, GPM observes that the green agenda in the African mobile telecom industry is majorly dominated by the deployment of battery hybrids in an attempt to reduce dependence on diesel power. ”

We will continue to track the progress that the industry is making by actively seeking new deployments, but if you know of any existing on planned projects that are not yet represented on the tracker please get in touch at


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