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By Abirami Birrell

Make Way for Mobile Enabled Community Services at MWC13

Make Way for Mobile Enabled Community Services at MWC13

There are 1.4 billion people globally without access to energy and 783 million people without access to improved water resources.  Access to affordable and reliable energy and clean water is vital for health and wellbeing and can also facilitate poverty reduction and economic growth.  However, many off-grid rural communities lack basic energy and water services due to challenges such as last mile distribution, operation and maintenance capabilities and costs, and payment ability and collection.

With its technology and significant size and reach, the mobile industry can help address these challenges and provide an unprecedented opportunity for scale in impacting lives. Mobile technology and infrastructure are already being used to improve access to energy and water through product distribution via existing channels, pay-as-you-go financing via mobile payments, and remote activation, monitoring and data collection.

The GSMA’s Mobile Enabled Community Services programme will work with our mobile operator members, energy service companies, community service providers, and other key stakeholders to foster partnerships and gather and share knowledge. The programme provides innovation funding and delivers the evidence, champions and trials required to drive solutions to the next phase of maturity.

The programme aims to help improve access to basic energy and water services in underserved communities using mobile technology and infrastructure. Together with the UK Government, the GSMA are launching Mobile Enabled Community Services at Mobile World Congress 2013! The MECS team have been busy preparing the grand entrance and what a line up we have to help us do this!

Our Main Seminar – Energy + Mobile for Development

  • When – Monday 25th February 2013 from 9.30 to 11.30am
  • Where – GSMA Seminar Theatre, CC1.1

More info about the Seminar

If you are unable to attend the session but would like to come and talk to us about our exciting new programme, you will more likely than not find us at the Mobile Enabled Community Services Booth in Hall 7 (location 7E56 within the NFC and Mobile Money Pavillion).

There you will be able to see the latest technologies and services from leading entrepreneurs from around the globe, including: Azuri Technologies, Fenix International, KMR Infrastructure, Manobi, M-KOPA, Mobisol, mWater, Off.Grid:Electric, OMC Power, Oxford University, Pamoja Cleantech, Suntrica, Welldone and These entrepreneurs will represent the 3 major channels for energy access: infrastructure, distribution partners and micropayments. Additionally, with the increased scope of MECS, organisations promoting water access will also been displaying their products and solutions.

You can also read about what we have learnt in the last year and how these lessons have evolved to define the scope for the new programme in our newly published White Paper: Service over Technology: Defining a Role for Mobile in Energy Access

And finally, if you’re not coming to Mobile World Congress, connect with us on Twitter (@GSMACPM) for real time updates.


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