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By Fiona Smith

Mobile Agriculture site launched on Mobile and Development Intelligence Portal

Mobile Agriculture site launched on Mobile and Development Intelligence Portal

We’re delighted to announce that mAgri metrics, products and services are now live on the Mobile and Development Intelligence (MDI) portal.

Mobile and Development Intelligence (MDI) is a fantastic open access portal which offers data and analysis that stakeholders across the mobile and development sectors can use to support business decision making and to clarify the evidence of the socio-economic impact of the mobile industry in the developing world.

GSMA global research published last month highlighted a significant growth opportunity for the mobile industry and that future subscriber growth will come from currently ‘unconnected’ populations in developing countries, particularly people in rural areas. MDI allows mAgri service providers to analyse the growth of connections and identify the opportunity to develop services to meet this growing rural customer base.

It’s exciting to see the growth of the mAgri industry and to be able to demonstrate this on the MDI portal which now features around 60 mobile agriculture products and services across the developing world. These services have been developed by a range of service providers including mobile network operators, content providers and NGOs and cover a variety of product offerings from advisory and extension services, agriculture news, trading and financial services for the agriculture sector.

Do you want to add your mAgri product or service to MDI? Please send us details by using the form on our website and we’ll add your service to the site.

In addition to the mAgri products and services, MDI provides users with a range of metrics that you can tabulate, graph, map and export datasets with country-level dashboards available for more than 140 developing world countries. Data on agriculture (such as cereal yield and agriculture contribution to GDP) in the developing world can be compared with mobile industry data and other M4D areas such as mobile money, mHealth and mobile learning.

Another exciting feature of MDI is the landscape of more than 1100 organisation profiles, including all the mobile network operators and number of connections in the developing world. Users can view details of organisations, products and services on a global map and search for particular types of organisations – allowing stakeholders to identify each other, understand each other’s offerings and objectives, and form collaborations and partnerships.


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