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GPM Working Groups

The Green Power for Mobile Working Group continues to grow from strength to strength, bring together operators, vendors, financial institutions, governments and regulators to catalyse the uptake of Green Power and accelerate innovation within the mobile industry. The Working Group is a forum which highlights initiatives and challenges as well as assessing available products and solutions with the view to consolidating industry insights and experiences.

As well as acting as a knowledge sharing platform and networking opportunity, the Working Group is also used to actively plan new strategies, approaches and deliverables for the Green Power for Mobile programme. Since the start of the programme in September 2008, we have held a number of successful Working Groups in Africa, South East Asia and India.

Working Group members will be invited to the ones most applicable to them in an attempt to make each session more focused and relevant to each individual organisation. We continue to invite prominent figures within the Industry to speak and present their latest findings, as well as to host key discussions which will hopefully be of interest and benefit to all. We have introduced a new element to our Working Groups; Interactive Break-out Sessions. In these sessions, we hope to pose a problem to the groups to discuss over a set time, coming together at the end to see how the problem was approached differently by the different groups.

The Working Groups to have evolved without programme. Where previously we covered global content over two days, this was split into 3 regional Working Groups with the aim of focusing the content of the Working Group and making is as relevant as possible to each individual organisation. Now, we have broken this down further and in markets dictated by the IFC will have country specific Working Groups. To date, country specific Working Groups have been held in Indonesia, Bangladesh and Nigeria. A summary of key highlights from some of our most recent Working Group is available below and also on our blog.

Recent Working Groups

Upcoming Working Groups:

  • August 2013: Pakistan/Afghanistan Working Group
  • September 2013: Asia Regional Workign Group
  • October 2013: Senegal Working Group
  • December 2013: Nigeria Working Group

*Dates and Venues will be confirmed approximately two months prior to the event.