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mHealth Glossary


Included in the definition are general practitioners, specialist doctors and allied healthcare practitioners (physiotherapist, occupational therapist, etc.).
Consumers include the total population that access healthcare services in South Africa. Subdivided into two population groups: the medically insured (private); and the medically uninsured (public).
Includes all payers of healthcare services in South Africa: the South African Government; the medical insurance industry; and out-of-pocket payments made by consumers (both insured as a co-payment and uninsured as a fee-for-service type transaction).
Producers are considered to be the medical device and pharmaceutical sectors.
Providers of Total healthcare services in South Africa include private providers, public providers and the NGO sector. The NGO sector was not analysed in this report due to the relatively insignificant contribution to overall services.
Mobile Health broadly encompasses the use of mobile telecommunication and multimedia technologies as they are integrated within increasingly mobile and wireless healthcare delivery systems (Istepanian & Lacal, 2003). It can be defined as “mobile computing, medical sensor, and communications technologies for health care” (Istepanian, 2004).
Preventive, Promotive, Diagnostic, Therapeutic and Assisted or Remote Living services.
Consumers/Patients are responsible for the payment of private healthcare services.
Government is responsible for the payment of public healthcare services.
A medical device, regulated by international safety, quality and risk management standards based on the intended use of the device and the risk to the patient. A device with higher risk to a patient is more heavily regulated.


Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Average Revenue per User; a measure used primarily by mobile network operators as the total revenue divided by the number of subscribers. It includes not only the revenues billed to the customer each month for usage, but also the revenue generated from incoming calls, payable within the regulatory interconnection regime.
GSM Association
Mobile Network Operator
Decision Support Toolkit
Department of Health
Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Health Professions Council of South Africa
Internet Service Provider
Low Income Medical Insurance
Medical Device Centre of Competence
Market Entry Toolkit
Medical Devices to Market
Medical Research Council
Mobile Virtual Network Operator
National Health Insurance
Primary Healthcare
Public-Private Partnerships
South Africa
South African Telemedicine Association
Total Health Expenditure
Technology Innovation Agency
World Health Organization