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MMU Examples – MTN MobileMoney

MTN MobileMoney is a mobile payment service deployed by MTN group across several of their African operating companies, including Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire, Rwanda, Benin and others. MTN works in partnership with various companies: Fundamo provides the m-wallet technology, Gemalto provides its SIM solution, and specific bank partner(s) in each country are also involved. In 2009, GSMA made a grant to MTN MobileMoney in Uganda to support the development of its agent network.

Some key resources on MTN MobileMoney, including a comprehensive financial analysis and interviews with deployment leaders, can be found here.


MobileMoney launches in Central Africa: an interview with MTN Cameroon

Author : Camilo Tellez, GSMA

In this interview, Peter Ndongla, Director of MTN Cameroon’s MobileMoney, provides an overview of the service, makes a projection for customer adoption, and shares his experience engaging with prospective bank partners and BEAC, the Central African financial services regulator.

MTN Mobile Money – Spotlight on Ghana

Author : Paul Leishman, GSMA

In this interview, Bruno Akpaka, General Manager for MTN Ghana’s MobileMoney, explains two unique aspects of mobile money in Ghana: the requirement to partner with at least 3 banks, and his innovative process of capturing customer ID using a field agent’s mobile phone camera during registration.


Is There Really any Money in Mobile Money?

Author: Paul Leishman, GSMA

This article examines 16 months of financials from Uganda’s MTN MobileMoney, a growing service in East Africa. It produces key insights on profitability, including direct and indirect benefits, the cost and more.

Download: French | Spanish

Mobile Money Use in Uganda: A Preliminary Study

Author: Ali Ndiwalana, Olga Morawczynski & Oliver Popov

This article reports on a study of mobile money users in Uganda across 3 MNOs. Besides providing an understanding of current usage of mobile money, it explores different daily financial transactions of respondents.

Industry’s Favourite Regulatory Solution: South Africa’s AML Regulation

Author : Marina Solin, GSMA

Find out more about the AML (anti-money laundering) regulation for mobile money in South Africa. AML was chosen as ‘industry’s favourite regulatory solution’ because it’s proportionate to risk and it allows a mobile experience for customers.

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