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Mobile Money Products – Bill Payments

Bill payments are used by lots of mobile operators. The service is usually employed as an ‘over-the-counter’ service where agents process transactions on a handset, or as an ‘m-wallet’ service in which the customer performs the transactions on his handset.

In this section you’ll find articles, blog posts and other resources that you may find useful when researching this topic.


True Money and M-PESA: Two Unique Paths to Scale

Author : Paul Leishman, GSMA

This case study compares Thailand’s True Money with the industry’s best known success story, M-PESA. True Money has grown on the back of its bill payment service since launching in 2005. This case study examines how True’s scratch cards, e-wallet and 8,000 agents are used to process bill payments, third party bills, and prepaid bills from issuers.

Three Keys to M-PESA’s Success: Branding, Channel Management and Pricing

Author : Ignacio Mas and Amolo NgWeno, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Page 3 of this document – a case study on Safaricom’s M-PESA – the authors discuss Safaricom’s bill payment service, including fees, customer process and limitations. Page 18 provides a comparison to Airtel’s Zap.

Bill Payments: A conversation with True Money, Grameenphone, and easypaisa

Author : Seema Desai, GSMA

In this panel session, Seema Desai interviews representatives from Grameenphone (Bangladesh), True Money (Thailand), and Telenor (Pakistan) to uncover insights on each of their bill payment services.

Q1. Why did you decide to go to market with Bill Payments rather than some other service like P2P?

Q2. What are the pros and cons of OTC bill payment transactions?

Q3. Do you charge your customers to pay bills?

2. Other Resources

Mobile Water Payment Innovations in Urban Africa

Author : Rob Hope, Tim Foster, Aaron Krolikowski & Ilana Cohen

Africa’s mobile revolution can help address one of its oldest challenges – sustainable water services. Mobile money is a key driver in this innovative landscape expanding access to financial services to the poor and unbanked.

Water Delivery through Payment Platform – M-PESA Pushes the Rural Frontier

Author : Sherri Haas & Geetha Nagarajan

This report explains how population and location limit where M-PESA agent shops can successfully operate, and how the Katitika Water Project is an example of using the M-PESA system as a platform for service provision with very limited agent intermediation.