Network 2020

Shaping the Next Generation in Mobile

Mobile networks are getting better and better. Across the world, mobile operators are harnessing Internet-style technologies to provide compelling and innovative services in an efficient and flexible way.

The GSMA Network 2020 programme is right at the centre of this transformation. The GSMA’s global specifications, such as the Universal Profile, ensure that new IP-based (Internet Protocol) services are reliable, cost-effective and will work across different devices and different networks, in any market. The Network 2020 programme is making it straightforward for operators to harness the full potential of IP to deliver everything from group chat and advanced voice services to the Internet of Things and live HD video. These advanced communications services will raise the profile of operators and increase their profitability in an increasingly competitive and fragmented digital services market.

The GSMA’s Network 2020 programme has three key work-streams focused on:

  • The development and deployment of IP services,
  • The evolution of the 4G networks in widespread use today
  • The 5G Journey, developing the next generation of mobile technologies and services.


The GSMA is helping to transform the voice and messaging experience. Specifications and profiles developed by the GSMA, such as Universal Profile, VoLTE, ViLTE and VoWiFi, now underpin an array of compelling multimedia communications services with reliability, security and reach that go far beyond Internet-based alternatives. The GSMA is working with Google and other key players to ensure that new smartphones have built-in support for these services.

At the same time, the GSMA is supporting the adoption of advanced network technologies, such as LTE Broadacast, edge computing and network virtualisation, while helping the industry to take a holistic approach to 5G and build a sustainable path for investing in new technologies and services.

The programme’s targets for 2017 include:


  • Interoperable IP Communications will be avaible to one billion people
  • 60% of new smartphones will have built-in support for VoLTE or RCS


Network 2020 is supported by 16 of the world’s leading mobile network operators, all committed to the deployment of high speed, next generation digital services.

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