Network 2020

The future is here

…and IP* is at the centre of it. The strategic importance of  IP-based solutions is clear; having all-IP based infrastructure and services enables operators to deliver a broader, deeper communications portfolio – incorporating voice, data, video and other rich communication services.

Embracing the all-IP future solution  is vital for operators if they are to retain customer relevance and have a network capable of meeting the ever-growing customer demand for data services and ever-richer communications.

What is the GSMA doing to help?

The GSMA’s Network 2020 programme is designed to help operators address and navigate the complexities of progression  to an all-IP solution network. The first phase of the programme focuses on two main areas – delivering the ‘Green Button Promise’ and Quality based Interoperability solutions.

The Green Button Promise

The ‘green button’ is typically the one users press to make a voice call, and it is associated with a high level of quality and interoperability. It will be a fundamental requirement to embed these principles – the ‘Green Button Promise’ – in all IP-based operator services:

  • Voice calling – Voice over LTE (VoLTE) and HD Voice
  • Messaging – Rich Communication Services (RCS)
  • Video calls – Video over LTE

Achieving this will fulfil customers’ expectations that services initiated via the calling or messaging buttons will be high quality and fully interoperable, regardless of network.

Individual elements of the Network 2020 programme will focus on helping networks deploy Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE) and Video calls over LTE utilising IMS technology. In addition, the programme will continue to encourage the RCS Ecosystem to help operators prepare for and launch RCS-based rich communication solutions for their customers around the world.

Quality based Interoperability

Users of  operator IP services e.g. Voice or Video calls over LTE, will expect a quality service, wherever, whenever, and on whatever device. Quality of Service (QoS) will underpin the delivery of the ‘Green Button promise’. A unique capability for operators as well as a potential differentiation asset, QoS offers new business opportunities to explore with other Service / Content Providers.

The Network 2020 programme will work with operators to determine the technical and commercial specifications for operator-to-operator QoS for IP Services, and encourage them to incorporate the QoS philosophy into their customer solutions.

A further programme objective is to help catalyse commercial implementations for IP Interconnect solutions between operators and Service / Content providers.

*The protocols of IP network but in a managed non-public domain

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