Delivering the network evolution

Real-time video surveillance, remote control of drones and robots, connected vehicles, augmented reality, live broadcasts and complex sensor networks. These are just some of the exciting new applications for mobile connectivity.

To enable these new services, the GSMA is supporting the roll out of high quality, high speed and high capacity 4G networks, which will improve performance for operators’ customers and deliver long-term value for shareholders. The GSMA’s specifications and toolsets make it straightforward for mobile operators to enhance their 4G networks, harness new capabilities and move to a very efficient and flexible all-IP infrastructure.

To maximise the return on their investments in 4G networks, operators need to move into new markets, including the Internet of Things. To that end, the GSMA is evaluating the available technologies and coordinating consistent implementations that deliver the high level of interoperability and IP interconnectivity customers seek. Automotive manufacturers, for example, are looking for 4G networks to work in the same way in different markets, so their vehicles can stay connected as they cross international borders.

At the same time, the GSMA is  working with operators to expand 4G coverage and deliver the best experience possible, on any device, anywhere in the world, using network function virtualization (NFV), software defined networks (SDN), edge computing, network broadcasting and other innovative technologies.  Moreover, the GSMA is developing the technological and commercial roadmap that will help operators to make the optimum transition from 4G to 5G.

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