The power and quality of HD Voice

HD Voice

“That’s so much clearer now”

HD Voice provides customers with high-quality, crystal clear, more natural voice calls on mobile and fixed terminal networks. Using wideband technology and further acoustical enhancements on phones, users experience greater clarity and intelligently reduced background noise.

Since the advent of HD Voice, operators and vendors have been able to more clearly differentiate their services by delivering enriched voice communication on All-IP or legacy networks. The improved voice experience can contribute to revenue by encouraging callers to speak for longer, and more often. Operators who do not offer HD Voice services risk losing their customers to those who do.

What is the GSMA doing to help?

As a strong advocate and promoter of the consumer benefits of HD Voice, the GSMA is working hard to ensure it is used as extensively as possible. In collaboration with the telecommunications industry as a whole, the GSMA is supporting the adoption of a universal HD Voice symbol. Increasingly widely recognised, use of this logo enables organisations to clearly identify and promote HD Voice-enabled devices and services to a global audience. The universal HD Voice logo gives the consumer confidence that a defined quality of experience is provided when making an end-to-end HD Voice call.

As custodian of the logo on behalf of the industry, the GSMA defines technical mobile network and terminal requirements for the logo usage on GSM, UMTS, LTE and CDMA2000 technology. In addition, the GSMA has collaborated with the DECT Forum to provide terminal requirements for DECT handsets. The GSMA is the contact for licensee applications and there is no charge to use the logo.

HD Voice Ecosystem

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