joyn Innovation Challenge winners

The RCS joyn Innovation Challenge judges have now announced the results of the successful virtual judging session on 5th February 2013. Entries covering 17 ideas from 12 companies were judged during the day and the judges unanimously agreed on the consistently high quality of all entries.

Gold Award – Smart Remittance, from Vopium

Description: A money transfer application that easily and securely enables the transfer of money directly from a user’s mobile phone account to any other user. joyn Innovation Challenge users get the transfer directly, other users get a special code.

API notes: Full use for Android, the APIs referenced the joyn Innovation Platform and the app was built by modifying and extending the example RCS client that was provided as starting point. For iPhone, the app was done from scratch, built by Vopium, based on APIs calling the joyn Innovation Platform.

Silver Award – Neusoft Mobile Solutions – Family joyn – a family member location app using joyn.

Description: Gives family members a simplified phone experience with simple voice or messaging and allows their location to be securely tracked on the web.

API notes: Full use of joyn APIs employed.

Special Award for Innovation – Three entries from KT; Group Call, Magic Screen Share and Video Share.

This award was unanimously agreed by the judging panel as the three entries from KT were highly innovative but they were not developed using the APIs or the joyn Innovation Accelerator. In spite of this, the apps themselves were excellent and the judges felt they were perfect examples of the way to innovate and excite users.

  • Group Call enabled a call with up to 10 other users
  • Magic Screen Share enable users to mark up pictures, diagrams etc. in real time and share their annotations and remarks in graphic form
  • Video share with chat enabled a video share with the ability to add remarks using chat over the live video

Click here to play the video to see how magic screen share works; Users can share things instantly and seamlessly with their friends and family using joyn!

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