Where is the industry at with Rich Communications?

Enriched calling with RCS

Rich Communications Services (RCS) is the platform that enables the delivery of communication experiences beyond voice and SMS, providing consumers with instant messaging or chat, live video and file sharing – across devices, on any network.

RCS marks the transition of messaging and voice capabilities from Circuit Switched technology to an all-IP world – and it shares the same IMS investment and leverages the same IMS capabilities as VoLTE and Video calls over LTE.

Use the opportunity to monetise

For operators, deploying RCS is a key way to ensure their service retains relevance for consumers, keeping them connected and offering them competitive solutions with alternative applications. RCS delivers the messaging service step-change the consumer is seeking, while enabling the continuation of operator-centric messaging services. The scope and variety offered by RCS is a route to developing more targeted, engaging customer propositions – for example via chat-based games, mobile learning, smart ads and promotions – all helping to drive ‘stickiness’ and revenue.

By enabling operators to generate new revenue streams through the creation of apps and B2B services, RCS can be a route to getting a return on IMS investment from the very start.

RCS Business Model
Retain competitiveness

The gateway to innovation, RCS offers an opportunity to expand core product and services while building upon the unique operator propositions of:

  • Ubiquity
  • Global interoperability
  • Quality of Service assurance
  • Security and Privacy management
  • Trusted Service provider

By enabling operators to generate new revenue streams through the creation of apps and B2B services, RCS can be a route to getting a return on IMS investment from the very start. RCS Hosted Solutions are also available for fast implementation and “pay as you grow” costs without the need to purchase and install IMS equipment in an operator’s infrastructure. Hosted Solutions enable an operator to deploy RCS as a stand-alone set of services in advance of LTE, VoLTE and HD Voice services.


Questions from Operators

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Can you tell me more about the business benefits that RCS offers operators?

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How is the GSMA helping with RCS adoption?

What RCS services are currently available and what are their specifications?

What are some of the value propositions that are already being considered in today’s marketplace?

At a top level, what are the different implementation options for RCS?

What are the RCS operators’ imperatives for the year ahead?

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Rich Communication Services Real Time Market Status

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What is the GSMA doing to help?

The GSMA has established a market-leading, interoperable RCS platform. Supported by a strong ecosystem comprising of operators and device manufacturers, this platform is gaining momentum with 32 country launches to date and a total of 87 operators committed to launch by end of 2015. For consumers in some markets the presence of these RCS services is through the joyn™ brand, which acts as verification that devices and services carrying the logo have been accredited.

The GSMA continues to work to extend the reach of RCS by helping our ecosystem partners develop inter- and intra-market interoperability. At present, we are working with operators who have already rolled out RCS services to explore the technical and commercial considerations of an RCS interconnect hub. Our findings have been used to establish a standard technical protocol and share best practice for implementing consistent global interoperability of RCS in an all-IP world.

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