Obtaining a license

Use of the universal service mark, joyn™, indicates compliance with the product profile based on the RCS specification and meeting of the comprehensive interworking and quality test criteria. The service mark offers a high level of assurance of service delivery for consumers, the promise that ‘It’s just there, it just works’.

License for Operators, Devices and Client Providers

If your organisation would like to use the joyn™ service mark, please download the joyn™ logo license agreement document and accompanying annexes A, B and C from the link below. Operators please follow the process documented in Annex C2.  The process that device and client providers shall follow depends upon the joyn release for which accreditation is sought and the accreditation type. For joyn Blackbird please follow the process indicated in Annex C3. For Accreditation ready only  please follow the process indicated in Annex C1.

Sign the License Agreement document, and return it to us by both email and hard copy. Once the joyn™ logo license agreement has been executed by the GSMA Legal Department, access to the IOT information and joyn™ digital artwork will be provided.

Pack for Operators and RCS client providers

License for Hosted Solution Providers

Organisations wishing to provide hosted solution services to operators can use the same joyn™ logo license agreement as Operators and Device/Client Providers. From the RCS services assurance perspective this accreditation will be considered ‘Accreditation Ready’ and is not considered valid for commercial use by end-users. Note, however, that for Hosted Solution Providers different annexes B and C to the License Agreement shall be used.

Pack for Hosted Solution providers

License for API Products Providers

Organisations wishing to support Web integration of RCS services in the operator’s network through API-based RCS products can use the same joyn™ logo license agreement as Operators, Device and Client Providers. Note, however, that for API Products Providers a different annex C to the License Agreement should be used. The following four product categories have been defined within API Licensing and Accreditation Framework:

  • Web Thin client
  • API Gateway
  • Network API sets
  • Web solution (gateway+client)

Pack for API Product providers

License for Marketing only

An organisation that wishes to use the logo in marketing collateral such as commercial advertising and promotional material can apply for a Marketing-only Logo License Agreement. The Marketing-only Logo License Agreement is designed for those parties not falling into Licensee types above, for example:

Pack for Marketing Only Licensees

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