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IR.39 IMS Profile for High Definition Video Conference (HDVC) Service v5.0

IR.39 serves to adopt the UNI profile from the high-voltage, direct current into GSMA and integrates it in the GSMA suite of IMS profiles by building the profile through referencing the PRD´s IR.92 and IR.94. Download

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OMTP Documents.1.0 – OMTP IMS Functional Requirements v1.0

IMS is an internationally recognised standard for evolving GSM mobile networks, designed to ease integration with the Internet and help deliver services across multiple access types (3G, WLAN, WCDMA etc.) It offers great opportunities for rich multimedia and voice application …

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OMTP Documents.2.0 – IMS Functional Requirements v2.0

This document defines the minimum set of requirements for IMS (IP Multimedia System) functionalities on mobile Terminals and identifies which of these functionalities shall be available for developing new IMS capable applications in the Terminal. 3GPP IMS Release 7 and …

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