Field Simulation

Application for representing the level of the radiofrequency fields of mobile network antennas

Public discussion about the possible health risks of exposures from mobile network base stations shows that a demand for more information exists in this area. Our online simulation is intended to contribute to greater transparency on this topic. This easy-to-use application will allow anyone interested to get a better idea of the level of the radiofrequency fields in the vicinity of mobile network base stations. The level is shown as a fraction of the maximum limit value for the public permitted according to the international (ICNIRP) recommendation.

The online simulation enables you to calculate and display the level of the radiofrequency fields of mobile network antennas according to the data you enter. You can change general parameters like the size of the buildings, the power of the base stations or the distance between the antennas and neighbouring buildings as required. The application also enables the level of the radiofrequency fields to be simulated and represented in colour.

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Technical requirements for usage

You require Internet Explorer (Version 5 or above) or Netscape (Version 6 or above) as a browser. A minimum screen resolution of 1024×768 is recommended.

Notes on calculation

The application calculates the fields using what is known as a far field formula. For this reason, fields in the immediate vicinity of antennas may be overestimated. Normally, the fraction based on the power density is displayed in each case. When calculating the level of the radiofrequency field levels, diffraction (bending) by the edge of roofs (with a central mast only) and reflections from neighbouring buildings are taken into account too (reflection = 50 percent of the signal, 50 percent of the signal penetrates through the walls). Attenuation due to roofs is taken into account with a factor of 4 (6 dB). Shadow fading due to buildings on the right-hand side is not taken into account. For this reason, comparatively high values will be shown on the right side of the right-hand side building (Calculation basis).

There is no guarantee on the accuracy of the data calculated.

Notes on printing out the data

Each screen image can be printed out as a screenshot. To do this, you need to “freeze” the measured value by clicking the left mouse button. A “measuring device” appears to indicate this for the user. You can remove the measuring device again by clicking the mouse button a second time.


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