Working Near Antennas

Access to areas close to base station antennas where international exposure guidelines may be exceeded is restricted to authorised personnel.

Before entering a base station or antenna site, personnel should comply with the up-to-date technical and safety information provided by their employer, the site management company, and any relevant local safety requirement.

Exposure limits for RF workers are higher than for the general public because workers are adults who are generally exposed under known conditions and are trained to be aware of potential risk and to take appropriate precautions.

The GSMA has developed practical guidance for personnel working at base station and antenna sites to make sure applicable exposure guidelines are not exceeded. It is primarily directed at RF workers but some content will be relevant to other workers (for example, rooftop workers) who may have reason to come close to transmitting equipment.

The GSMA guidance is not intended to replace existing company procedures or relevant regulatory requirements for RF workers, which should always take precedence.

For information on measurements close to antennas see our interactive presentation on mobile phones and networks here.


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