Risk Communications

The GSMA and the MMF produced the Risk Communication Guide for Mobile Phones and Base Stations to provide practical guidance and support on good risk communications practice for people working in the mobile industry, especially those who are facing public concerns about radio signals. While it does not address social or other issues around mobile telecommunications many of the communication principles will still apply.

It is important that people working in the mobile industry improve their understanding of why people may be concerned and develop skills to respond to those concerns through consideration, anticipation and effective management.

Risk communication is more effective when there is cooperation within the mobile industry and where trusted scientists and public officials are involved. Effective risk communication also takes account of the prevailing social, political and administrative traditions and regulatory frameworks in a country.

Download the Risk Communication Guide for Mobile Phones and Base Stations here.

The GSMA, MMF and MCF have sponsored an online training resource for the mobile industry on effective risk communication.

Request access to the risk communication training here.

Registered users can access the training portal here.


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