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Innovating for a Converged World – Data Protection and Privacy Conference

On 29 August 2013, the GSMA, Celcom (Axiata Group) and DiGi (Telenor Group) hosted a Data Protection and Privacy Conference in Kuala Lumpur. More than 120 people and 16 speakers attended the event, including the Chairman of the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, the Chairman of the Personal Data Protection Commission in Singapore, the Director General and Deputy Director General of the Personal Data Protection Department in Malaysia. A number of academics, lawyers, operator members and representatives from the broader mobile ecosystem also presented on the day. The key objective of the day was to encourage dialogue between industry members and regulators, and to seek to influence regulatory developments in the region – particularly with regards to the proposed Personal Data Protection Act in Malaysia which is expected to come into force in the next 12 months and is likely to pose a number of challenges for the industry (as currently drafted).

The event also saw the presentation of key findings from research into mobile users’ attitudes towards their privacy, recently carried out in Malaysia and Indonesia.

Discussion topics on the day included how to balance privacy in a connected world; innovating in privacy management; and the impact of inconsistent national and international law on business. Both the Director General and the Deputy Director General of the Personal Data Protection Department in Malaysia discussed the Act due to come into force, saying that the necessary rules and procedures were still being developed. The GSMA also highlighted the opportunities that mobile-derived, anonymised ‘big data’ could offer in delivering social and economic objectives, such as understanding traffic movement to ease congestion in city centres through better road planning.


  1. Pat Walshe – Rethinking Privacy
  2. Yiannis Theodorou – Research into mobile users’ privacy attitudes in Malaysia and Indonesia
  3. Milan Agnihotri – Truth Central
  4. Dr Zainal Abidin Sait – Personal DP Act 2010 Implementation Phase – What next for Malaysia
  5. Chelvakumar Krishnan – Implications of the PDPA 2010 on a Malaysian Telecom Operator
  6. Joachim Rajaram – Sustainability and data protection – Integrating good privacy practices
  7. Dato Sharil – Balancing Privacy in a Connected World
  8. Chairman Leong Keng Thai – Insights on Challenges and Future Direction of Data Protection Law
  9. Kjetil Rognsvag – International insight and challenges – the experience of Telenor Group
  10. Pat Walshe – Divergent rules and distributed responsibilities in the mobile ecosystem
  11. Pat Walshe – International best practice in mobile application privacy – moving to accountability
  12. Pushpa Nair – Building trust in a connected digital world – Innovating in privacy management
  13. Valerie Tan – Making privacy accessible to users
  14. Rob Borthwick – Role of Data Privacy on International Business – Innovating for Consistency Within Regions & Beyond
  15. Foong Cheng Leong – Reflections from Malaysia – Peering inside and out – implications for international organisations
  16. Amran Sameon – APEC’s Developments in Cross Border Privacy Rules System
  17. Deepak Pillai – Technology Or Sector Specific Rules – Is there a need?


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