Mobile Energy Efficiency Overview

Mobile network operators (MNOs) spend approximately US$15 billion on their annual energy use. Therefore, it is no surprise that energy efficiency is a strategic priority for them globally. This figure continues to climb as energy prices rise, and mobile use and data demand grow, increasing network infrastructure energy consumption. The GSMA’s Mobile Energy Efficiency (MEE) programme offers two services to MNOs: MEE Benchmarking and MEE Optimisation.

MEE Benchmarking is a management tool that helps MNOs measure and monitor the relative efficiency of their radio access networks, identifying under-performing networks and quantifying the potential efficiency gains available, typically around 10% to 25% across a MNO’s portfolio.

MEE Optimisation is a follow-on service that uses the MEE Benchmarking results combined with site audits and equipment trials firstly to analyse the costs and benefits of specific actions to reduce energy and emissions, and secondly to roll out the most attractive solutions. The service is run in partnership with a third party vendor or systems integrator.

The GSMA is recruiting mobile operators, systems integrators and vendors to join the MEE programme. To become involved, please contact mee@gsma.com


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