Age-sensitive content

Managing the distribution of age-sensitive content through multiple channels

As mobile operators offer their customers access to an increasingly rich range of content services, they are faced with the challenge of how to manage content that isn’t suitable for younger age groups.

To create a framework within which a wide range of content services can be offered to customers, mobile operators are taking a number of steps: national codes of practice are in place or under development, national content classification systems are being developed or extended to include mobile content, and a growing number of operators have begun offering parental controls to their customers.

As with other media, the responsibility for ensuring that children and teenagers use their mobile devices appropriately is shared between service providers, parents, carers and educators. All have a role to play.

Many operators have launched customer education campaigns to support parents and enable them to make informed choices on behalf of their children.

The GSMA has produced a toolkit to consolidate the experience of its members in this area, so that the mobile industry is well placed to proactively manage its responsibilities as it rolls out new content services. The toolkit is available to full GSMA members.

To request a copy of the toolkit – “Supporting the responsible delivery of age-sensitive commercial content”, please contact mYouth team.


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