European Framework

Enabling Children and Young People to Access Content Safely on their Mobile Devices

The European Framework for Safer Mobile Use by Younger Teenagers and Children is a self-regulatory initiative of the mobile industry, which advises mobile operators on how to ensure that younger teenagers and children can safely access content on their mobile devices.

The Framework’s key recommendations for operators are:

  1. Classification of commercial content – mobile operators’ own and third-party commercial content should be classified in line with existing national standards of decency and appropriateness so as to identify content unsuitable for viewing by children and younger teenagers;
  2. Access control mechanisms – appropriate means for parents for controlling children’s access to this content should be provided;
  3. Education and awareness-raising – mobile operators should work to raise awareness and provide advice to parents on safer use of mobile services, and ensure customers have ready access to mechanisms for reporting safety concerns;
  4. Fighting illegal content on mobile services and the Internet – mobile operators should work with law enforcement agencies, national authorities and INHOPE or equivalent bodies to combat illegal content on the Internet.


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