GSMA Positions

The GSMA fully supports an open internet that enables consumers and business customers to access the content and services of their choice, in ways that provide all of them with the best possible experiences and services, enabled by reasonable network management by service providers.

Active management of traffic is essential to provide a wide range of high-quality, reliable services to large number of customers within the strict capacity limitations resulting from finite spectrum allocations. Traffic management is also needed to enable the network to prioritise real-time services over non real-time services, as well as enabling the delivery of differentiated services providing different levels of quality of service.

New regulation in this area is not required. The mobile market is highly competitive and dynamic. Today, mobile operators across the world offer consumers and businesses a wide choice of Internet-related services and options to suit their particular needs and interests.

A truly neutral approach to the Internet should not dictate specific business models. It should, instead, afford all members of this ecosystem an equal opportunity to innovate and create more value, while delivering the highest quality of services that meet consumer demands.

Innovative pricing and business models are required for wireless network operators to fund their next generation deployments while keeping prices affordable for subscribers. Ultimately it must be customers, not regulators, network operators, or application developers, who decide which models succeed.


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