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  • 5th Annual Roaming World Congress- May 2012
    Event Date : 14-May-2012 to 16-May-2012
    The introduction of EU regulations, and the evolution of smart phones and LTE technology, has meant a major shift in thinking for roaming providers the world over. The key focus for operators has therefore become the management of retail data pricing, hub-based roaming and the impact of LTE in the roaming structure. Prepaid roaming continues to dominate many emerging markets while advanced markets are gearing up for the impact on roaming of the deployment of LTE. End price for the consumer is also a major focus throughout the industry, particularly since the lowering of tariffs within the EU via regulations has led to a ‘waterbed’ effect globally. The Roaming World Congress is an established international event with an operator-led agenda featuring more than 30 case studies from leading international telecom operators, industry experts and solution providers. This truly global event with speakers spanning from Panama and Malta to Pakistan and Norway is the ideal meeting place to form partnerships, renew and foster closer relationships and share expertise on how to grow roaming revenues with effective solutions in this highly competitive marketplace.
  • GSMA Europe lunch seminar on Mobile Network Technology and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)- May 2012
    Event Date : 01-May-2012
    GSMA Europe lunch seminar on Mobile Network Technology and Electromagnetic Fields (EMF)- May 2012
  • GSMA LA Plenary Meeting #37
    Event Date : 23-Apr-2012 to 25-Apr-2012
    The plenary session is open to all GSMA members, with regulators invited to the regulatory sessions. To enquire, contact Andrea Guajardo
  • Mobile and Privacy: Are they mutually exclusive?
    Event Date : 01-Mar-2012 to 01-Mar-2012
    A key challenge for the mobile ecosystem is how to give users simple, device and context appropriate ways to manage their privacy.  This seminar will highlight the work being done by different sectors on addressing the challenges of mobile and privacy, including the GSMA’s Privacy Initiative.  Help find answers to questions such as: – How can we ensure that mobile users’ privacy is treated consistently irrespective of the technologies, business models and data flows involved? – How can industry help mobile users make informed decisions about their personal information and privacy? – How can we ensure that user privacy is respected and protected by those designing and building new applications and services of tomorrow? How can you do this in practice? This session is particularly suitable for app developers and people delivering apps and services. Moderator Nancy Hill, President and CEO, American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) Speakers Jules Polonetsky, Co-Chair and Director, Future of Privacy Forum Ilana Westerman, CEO, Create with Context Alex Fowler, Global Privacy and Public Policy Lead, Mozilla Dan Appelquist, Head of Product Management, BlueVia John Montgomery, Chairman, 4A’s Privacy Committee Time 09:30 – 11:00 Entry is complimentary to all Mobile World Congress pass holders. To pre-register your interest, contact mobileprivacy@gsm.org
  • Latin American Regulatory Seminar- February 2012
    Event Date : 29-Feb-2012 to 29-Feb-2012
    This session builds on the 2011 regional seminar. Focused on the region’s key policy issues, this event is invite-only for those attending the GSMA Ministerial Programme, held as part of Mobile World Congress. Speakers include: Paulo Bernardo, Minister of Communications, Brasil Dr. Maria Molina, Consultant, AT Kearney Jose Juan Haro, Regulatory Director, Telefonica Latin America Daniel Bernal, Regulatory Affairs Coordinator, America Movil Mario Girasole, Chief Regulatory Officer, TIM Brazil Gustavo Cantu, Corporate Vice President, Nextel Latin America Jose Quintero, Director Ejecutivo de Tecnología, Cable & Wireless Panama Mony De Swaan, President, COFETEL, Mexico Erasmo Rojas, 4G Americas Mariana Rodriguez Zani, Convergencia Latina Tom Phillips, GSMA Government & Regulatory Affairs Officer Sebastian Cabello, GSMA Latin America If you are a regulatory or government representative and are interested in attending, please contact GPublicPolicy@gsm.org.
  • Transforming young people’s lives and learning through mobile- 2012
    Event Date : 29-Feb-2012
    What is the greatest opportunity for mobile technology for young people?  Does mobile technology enable more productive learning environments for young people? Do we really know what young people want from mobile technology, and how they derive the greatest benefit? Hear youth entrepreneur Travis Allen, iSchool founder, talk about young people’s technology wants and needs, and listen to mobile learning expert Carolina Jeux’s insights into how young people are using mobile technology in innovative ways. Join our panellists for a dynamic discussion on how the mobile industry can empower young people through mobile, in everything from education and entertainment to social interaction and engagement. Speakers Travis Allen, iSchool initiative Lee Epting, Vodafone Carolina Jeux, Telefonica Learning Services Paul Landers, Ericsson Mike Short, O2 The seminar is free to all Mobile World Congress pass holders
  • Mobile World Congress: Ministerial Programme- February 2012
    Event Date : 27-Feb-2012
    Invite-only annual event for high-level dialogue between governments, regulators and the leaders of the mobile industry. Taking place during the Mobile World congress, the programme provides opportunity for governments and regulators to discuss with industry the specific regulatory issues shaping the development of mobile around the world. In 2012, the programme has been expanded to include greater emphasis on regional issues and hands-on workshops to provide opportunity for in-depth policy discussions between nations. It will also feature high-level meetings, such as the Leadership Summit and the Government Mobile Forum.
  • GSMA Seminar – “Spectrum, It’s Everybody’s Business”
    Event Date : Mar 1, 2012
    This seminar entitled “Spectrum, It’s Everybody’s Business” focused on explaining the important role that spectrum plays for the mobile industry, not just for operators but also for the mobile ecosystem which relies on mobile connections. With information on data demand growth, the regulatory environment, WRC12 and reasoning behind the need for more spectrum. Mobile is at the heart of a $1.8trillion industry and for any business mobile related, the one thing needed is reliable mobile networks. Spectrum is the oxygen that sustains this ecosystem and with data demands rising, we all need to support ‘the ask’ for future spectrum. This seminar centred on amongst other topics, why it’s important to complement the ask for future spectrum and how to advocate for additional spectrum to respective governments. Speakers included: John Giusti, Head of Spectrum, GSMA Dr. Robert Pepper, Cisco Ton Brand, Connected Living – Senior Projects Director, GSMA Mike Wright, Telstra Sandra Gilligan, Spectrum Marketing Director, GSMA Alan Haddon, President, GSA Download Presentations
  • Mobile World Congress: Children and mobile workshop- Feb 2012
    Event Date : 29-Feb-2012
    Workshop and panel on children and mobile.
  • World Radiocommunications Conference 2012
    Event Date : 23-Jan-2012 to 17-Feb-2012
    This worldwide gathering of regulators and decision makers will focus on spectrum, orbital slots and next-generation technologies in this conference.
  • State of the Net Conference 2012- January 2012 The 7th annual State of the Net Conference featured in-depth discussions with leading Internet policy experts and panel tracks focusing on privacy/security, telecommunications regulation, intellectual property and innovation.
  • State of the Net Conference- January 2012
    Event Date : 17-Jan-2012 to 18-Jan-2012
    The 7th annual State of the Net Conference featured in-depth discussions with leading Internet policy experts and panel tracks focusing on privacy/security, telecommunications regulation, intellectual property and innovation.
  • Digital Agenda for South East Europe- December 2011
    Event Date : 13-Dec-2011
    This policy and regulatory conference will focus on two questions: How to create a policy environment which encourages high-risk investments in fast and ultra-fast networks in the five member states and the eight enlargement countries of the region; and what are the main challenges of integrating the enlargement countries into a single European digital market.
  • GSMA LA Plenary Meeting #36- December 2011
    Event Date : 05-Dec-2011 to 08-Dec-2011
    GSMA LA Plenary Meeting #36 Sonsonate – El Salvador December 6 to 8, 2011 As it was previously informed we are glad to announce the GSMA LA Plenary Meeting #36. The event will take place inthe Royal Decameron Salinitas hotel, Sonsonate, El Salvador from December 6 to 8, 2011. On this occasion the Plenary Meeting will be kindly hosted by our member CLARO El Salvador who has prepared practical information to keep in mind before, during and after the event. View the Shedule The plenary session is open to all GSMA members, with regulators invited to the regulatory sessions. To enquire, contact Andrea Guajardo (mailto: AGuajardo@gsm.org)
  • GSMA Europe Mobilising the Cloud Conference- December 2011
    Event Date : 07-Dec-2011
    The emergence of the mobile cloud is a driver for competitiveness and consumer convenience. How can the European Union capitalise on this important opportunity? At the GSMA’s Mobilising the Cloud Conference, we will examine the current state of play, the future of the mobile cloud and the business and policy challenges standing between the two.  Confidence will be key in “mobilising the cloud”: the confidence for users to consume cloud-based services; the confidence for operators to roll out compelling cloud-based services and content; and the confidence in the business case for investing in access networks that will enable the mobile cloud. The right policy and regulatory environment can underpin confidence in all three areas and encourage the investment and innovation necessary to mobilise the cloud in Europe to the benefit of consumers and businesses.
  • The 2nd Annual European Data Protection and Privacy Conference- December 2011
    Event Date : 06-Dec-2011
    Keynote speakers to include: Viviane Reding, VP of the European Commission and Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship; Axel Voss MEP, Rapporteur on the Initiative Report on a comprehensive approach on the protection of personal data in the EU, European Parliament; Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor; and Marie-Hélène Boulanger, Head of Unit – Data Protection – European Commission; and Pat Walshe, Director of Privacy, GSMA.
  • 6th India Telecom 2011
    Event Date : 05-Dec-2011 to 06-Dec-2011
    This is an international telecommunications industry exhibition and conference, with this year’s theme “M-Powering India”. Jointly organised by Department of Telecommunications, Government of India and Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry.
  • Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards- December 2011
    Event Date : 05-Dec-2011
    The Vodafone Foundation Smart Accessibility Awards is a new contest to promote the development of IT applications designed to improve the lives of those with disabilities and people that are older, to help them get more actively involved in society.
  • Breakfast Briefing: The role of Mobile in the Future Smart Grid- December 2011
    Event Date : 01-Dec-2011
    The utility industry is experiencing a period of rapid change. The challenges facing the utility company today are many-fold; aging infrastructure, pressures to cutting operating costs and the need to incorporate distributed renewable sources of energy. Transition to more flexible, automated, reliable, safe, and secure generation, transmission and distribution grids is crucial for addressing these challenges. The Mobile industry will be a key partner for the utilities companies in this transition process. The GSMA would like to invite you to a Breakfast Briefing Session to discuss the future smart grids communication requirements, and the role of mobile in the support of smart grids. Email Ilara Koroma at ikoroma@gsm.org to register your attendance.
  • GSMA to speak at 2nd Annual European Data Protection and Privacy conference- December 2011 Following up from last year’s successful event, the 2011 European Data Protection and Privacy conference is set to be a dinner. Keynote speakers will include: Viviane Reding, VP of the European Commission and Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship; Axel Voss MEP, Rapporteur on the Initiative Report, European Parliament; Peter Hustinx, European Data Protection Supervisor; Marie-Hélène Boulanger, Head of Data Protection unit, European Commission; and the GSMA’s Director of Privacy, Pat Walshe Time:Tuesday, 6 December 2011 Venue:Management Centre Europe, Brussels Registration:Fee applies www.dataprotection2011.eu


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