GSMA Spam Reporting Services


The GSMA Spam Reporting Service provides a clearinghouse of messaging spam reports submitted by consumers using a dedicated short code from participating mobile networks around the world. By combining on-network and off-network data, the service gives operators the ability to understand the amount of spam entering and leaving their networks, as well as within their networks.

Mobile operators can access detailed reports on spam content, senders and reporters through a web interface and can use this information to take precisely-targeted action against abusive traffic, without impacting legitimate users and content.

The consumer experience

When a SMS spam message is received by a mobile subscriber, they can forward the message to the service’s universal short code (“7726” spelling SPAM) or a custom short code provided by their operator. They receive a message back asking them to identify the source of the spam.

The spam report is then captured by the GSMA Spam Reporting Service, run by Cloudmark, added to the database and reports and analytics are updated. The subscriber is acknowledged with a friendly message.

The Spam Reporting Service has the following features and benefits:

Features Benefits
Subscribers can report spam using a single short code – 7726 Enables industry-wide promotion of a single short code
Breakdown of spam attacks Provides detailed information on type, volume and nature of attacks
Web-based metrics  and analysis Global and network level insight into attacks and impact on customer satisfaction, fraud analysis, network integrity and operations
Global data correlation Quickly compare impact on your network with the global impact
Role-based authentication Customize analysis and reporting to meet requirements of specific roles and departments
Simple deployment Standards-based SMPP and ESME interface enables turnkey integration with zero network changes
Raw data feed Integrate subscriber spam reports into existing or future security measures in the network

The partnership with Cloudmark

The Spam Reporting Service is operated on behalf of the GSMA by Cloudmark, Inc., a global leader in carrier-grade messaging security. Cloudmark's suite of carrier-grade security solutions provides the essential functions to simplify and advance the management of messaging abuse, increasing network utilisation and reducing infrastructure costs.

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