Pathfinder Number Translation Service

PathFinder ENUM Query Service

PathFinder provides a hub for discovering addressing, routing and service information for telephone numbers on a global basis.

ENUM Query Service Explained

Operator, carriers and hubs use the query service to access ENUM information held in PathFinder, ie the Tier 1 and Tier 2 data published by users of the hosting service and the Root Directory. From this common starting point, the user receives addressing information in the form of NAPTR(s) or pointers to other registries in the form of NameServer addresses. By simply submitting a number during call establishment, or message routing, via a standard ENUM query the user can access the global network of ENUM registries and NGN routing information.

Carrier ENUM enables users to discover NGN numbers, identify network capabilities and correct number portability before taking routing decisions. This is a major step forward from traditional next hop routing interconnect techniques.

Users access PathFinder through the GRX/IPX secure IP transport network using ENUM. PathFinder operates as a cloud service meaning that there are multiple query nodes distributed globally offering a low latency source close to the user.


Key Benefits

Reducing Complexity:

Allowing service providers and carriers to reduce the complexity of managing multiple, application specific routing tables and data feeds, simplifying operations and architecture.

Routing Automation:

Access routing information via a DNS tree for automated discovery of NGN routing information worldwide.

Authoritative Information:

GSMA Carrier ENUM policy ensures that information is compliant with national regulation and managed privately and securely.

Service Detection:

Allows the originating party and transit networks to determine the technology of the  destination number in advance of routing and deliver traffic in the right format.

CAPEX and OPEX Optimisation:

Allows users to use the best interconnect path correcting for Number Portability and save money on conversions between legacy and NGN conversions.

Overall, PathFinder provides a high reliability, low latency, source of ENUM data that provides registry pointers or ENUM results on a per number basis.

It reduces the effort required by service providers to route and deliver traffic to trading partners.

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