The Chief Policy & Regulatory Officer Group

Reporting to the Public Policy Committee, the Chief Policy & Regulatory Officer Group (CPROG) shapes the strategic direction of the GSMA’s global public and regulatory policy. Made up of representatives of full members, the CPROG steers the GSMA’s key public policy initiatives, including the Mobile Privacy Initiative, the revision of the International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs), health and the environment, child online protection, roaming, tax, energy efficiency, the development of the regional observatories and the global tax benchmark study. The CPROG also oversees the GSMA’s responses to public consultations.

The European arm of the CPROG plays a key role in the GSMA’s governance structure as the bridge between European Operator Expert Groups and the Public Policy Committee. It guides the strategic direction of GSMA public and regulatory policy in Europe and directs the European Operator Expert Groups and GSMA Europe by fixing overall priorities, setting objectives, and approving public position papers and consultation responses.

The CPROG Group is supported by our regional CPROG groups:

CPROG Europe
CPROG Arab States
CPROG Sub Saharan Africa
CPROG Latin America
CPROG Asia Pacific