Friday March 10, 2023

Malaysia’s 5G SWN: what change could look like

Person looking at mobile phone smiling, light is reflecting on face in dark room

Press reports suggest the government in Malaysia may be considering a change to its 5G network strategy, two years after the decision to adopt a single wholesale network (SWN) approach.* As yet, there is no confirmation the government will change course or what that change would be. However, any shift could have ramifications for the pace of 5G rollout and adoption, and how operators manage infrastructure. Malaysia regards itself as a digital player with a young population and high-growth economy, but in using an SWN it opted for an unconventional approach. This Insight Spotlight reiterates the value of 5G coverage and adoption, the routes available and the potential implications of a change in direction.


* “Cabinet to decide Friday if Malaysia continues with current 5G rollout plan or considers proposals from private sector”, MalayMail, February 2023

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