Friday August 12, 2022

APAC 5G case study – 5G can Save Warehouses Time and Money

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Wholesale and retail sales processes are rapidly moving online. Although some online retailers’ warehouses and distribution centres may have state-of-the-art sales systems, the product picking, shipping and stocktaking tend to be labour-intensive and costly manual activities.

Singtel has joined forces with Accenture and ecosystem partners to develop a solution that harnesses 5G, edge compute, augmented reality and drone technologies to help streamline these processes. The first implementation of the solution in Singapore was in warehouses operated by Zuellig Pharma, a large and expanding healthcare services business. Singtel and Accenture say their deep understanding of 5G, end-to-end capabilities and broad ecosystems made them the ideal solution providers for Zuellig Pharma.

“There’s no question that 5G is the key to truly transforming manufacturing and warehouse operations for the future,” says Dennis Wong, VP, Enterprise 5G & Platforms, Singtel. “This is just the beginning.”

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