ONLINE SEMINAR – Leveraging 5G for Africa’s Digital Economy: Building Ecosystems and Transforming Industries

Start: Wednesday 5 June 2024 13:00

End: Wednesday 5 June 2024 14:30

As leaders in the telecommunications industry, staying ahead of emerging technologies like 5G is crucial. We are excited to invite you to a 90-minute virtual seminar focused on the monetization of 5G and the opportunities it presents for Africa.

During this seminar, we will delve into discussions surrounding 5G monetization strategies tailored for the African market. We will explore trends in business models and revenue-generating opportunities that 5G technology offers, emphasizing the development of private networks and the potential of 5G to revolutionize various industries and verticals such as digital health and manufacturing.

Recent GSMA statistics indicate rapid global growth in 5G adoption, with projections estimating that by 2030, 56% of total mobile connections will be 5G. Africa’s burgeoning mobile market is well-positioned to capitalize on this advancement, with potential impacts on industries like healthcare, agriculture, and manufacturing. This seminar aims to highlight how African mobile operators can leverage 5G to unlock new revenue streams and deliver innovative services, driving economic growth and societal development across the continent.

The workshop will feature interactive discussions, expert insights, and ample networking opportunities with industry peers. Your participation will enrich the dialogue and contribute to a collective understanding of the role of 5G in promoting the role of industry verticals in digitising the African economy.

13.00 -13.05


  • Welcome and Introduction to the Seminar
  • Brief Overview of Agenda and Objectives
Kamal Tamawa

Director, Spectrum & Industry Services, SSA

13.05 - 13.20

Understanding the Landscape of 5G Monetization and Revenue Models

  • Overview of Global 5G Adoption Trends and Statistics from GSMA
  • Key Drivers for 5G Monetization
  • Identifying Target Markets and Segments for 5G Services
  • Leveraging Partnerships and Collaborations to Enhance Monetization Opportunities
  • Examination of Revenue Models: Subscription-based, Service Bundling, Enterprise Solutions, etc
  • Regulatory Considerations and Policy Frameworks Impacting 5G Monetization
Kenechi Okeleke

Senior Director, Regional, Social and Policy Research • GSMAi

13,20 - 13.45

Deploying Private networks to enable Industrial Use Cases

  • Successful deployment of sustaibale 5G Use Cases (e.g., Enhanced Mobile Broadband, Massive IoT, URLLC)

13.45 - 14.05

5G Use Cases in Digital Health

  • Exploring the Role of 5G in Transforming Digital Health Services
  • Case Studies of 5G Applications in Healthcare
  • Discussion on the Potential Impact and Opportunities for African Mobile Operators
ECH Alliance

14.05 - 14.25

Q&A and Interactive Discussion

  • Open Floor for Questions, Comments, and Discussion Points
  • Discussion on Unique Challenges and Opportunities for Africa Mobile Operators
  • Exchange of Ideas, Best Practices, and Insights among Participants

14.25 - 14.30

Conclusion and Next Steps

  • Summary of Key Takeaways and Actionable Insights
  • Closing Remarks and Thank You Note
  • Announcement of Future Workshops or Follow-up Initiatives
Kamal Tamawa

Director, Spectrum & Industry Services, SSA