Current projects under AA.35

The below projects and activities are currently under AA.35.


eSIM is a global industry specification developed by GSMA that provides remote SIM provisioning capability on any mobile device. This technology enables new ranges of objects to be connected to cellular networks such as smaller form factor devices like smartwatches and wearables in the consumer space, and remote mobile connectivity management for non-attended devices in the machine-to-machine and IoT world – bringing many benefits to all industry stakeholders, including consumers, mobile network operators, service providers, device and SIM manufacturers, and infrastructure providers.

Over 120 mobile network operators around the globe have launched eSIM products and services to date. The eSIM project within GSMA comprises over 90 organisations from right across the mobile industry and is now working to enhance the eSIM specification to meet additional use cases. The project is under AA.35 governance.

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5GJA (5G Joint Activity)

The Networks Group (NG) specifies technical, operational and performance requirements to support international roaming and interworking, taking into account technology evolutions. The Networks Group focuses on compatibility and interoperability aspects of the signalling and inter-working of roaming between Public Land Mobile Networks, Public Switched Telephone Networks, Integrated Services Digital Networks, Public Packet Switched Networks and any Service Supplier. 5G Joint Activity in NG owns the guidelines and test procedures for voice and data services and works to solve any technical problems that could impact mobile services.

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