What is EDGE?

GSM networks upgraded with Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) technology can provide up to three times the data capacity of GPRS.

Using EDGE, operators can handle three times more subscribers than GPRS, triple their data rate per subscriber, or add extra capacity to their voice communications.

EDGE enables the delivery of more demanding mobile services, such as the downloading of video and music clips, multimedia messaging, full web browsing and e-mail on the move.

Simple upgrade

EDGE uses the same structure as today’s GSM networks, which allows it to be overlaid directly onto an existing GSM network. For many existing GSM/GPRS networks, EDGE is a simple software-upgrade.

Due to the very small incremental cost of including EDGE capability in a GSM network deployment, virtually all new GSM infrastructure is now EDGE-capable and nearly all new mid- to high-level GSM devices also include EDGE radio technology.

The Creation of Standards for Global Mobile Communication – GSM, UMTS and LTE from 1982 to 2012

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