TAP Testing Toolkit

The TTT is a user-friendly interactive windows application developed by the GSM Association (GSMA). It has been developed to provide assistance in the testing required prior to launching roaming with a new roaming partner and when upgrading billing systems.

The TTT makes TADIG testing (as defined in TADIG PRDs) easier, more efficient and cost effective. The TTT facilitates automation of many testing functions and is very useful in validating that TAP is created properly.

The TTT supports all TAP and RAP record format versions including the latest TAP3.11.

The TTT is available to full GSMA Members as a part of their membership fee. The software can be downloaded from the InfoCentre.

GSMA Associate members and non-members may also use the TTT for a small fee. To learn more about purchasing the TTT, download the brochure.

To obtain additional information please contact the TTT Coordinator at tttcoord@gsm.org