GSMA 100

GSMA 100 is part of the GSMA’s innovation portfolio, with an aim to stimulate new value for the industry by bringing the best and brightest founders to collaborate with mobile operators.

GSMA 100 are the world’s most promising growth stage companies. It was developed from mobile operators’ desire to shorten the time to innovation discovery, by sharing common interests and market validation.

The initiative leverages GSMA’s reach into the mobile operator, investment and innovation ecosystems, offering new channels to speed business development, commercial partnerships and investment.

For qualifying organisations we will facilitate access to our 1,200+ members, enabling:

  • Single interface into the global operator community
  • Better access to pilots and real customers
  • Strategic investment opportunities
  • Executive Engagement


Click here for our GSMA 100 deck. For nominated GSMA 100 companies, more information is available here.