Founders & Investors

The GSMA 100 initiative is comprised of three cohorts of thirty growth-stage companies, offering access and new channels to market by speeding business development, commercial partnerships and investment with mobile operators and our investment partners. Click here for the GSMA 100 overview deck.

GSMA 100 Founder profile

If you have been nominated for the GSMA 100, we need just a few details about your company that will be shared with the GSMA member companies and partners for review and selection. This form should take less than 10 minutes to complete.

Click here for the company profile form.

GSMA 100, Los Angeles field guide

If you are now part of the first nomination and selection cohort, you are among the world’s most promising companies, those who are creating the next generation of connectivity and digital services.

Please click here for the field guide to GSMA 100 in LA.