AI User Experience Performance Testing

Nowadays the smartphone sales market is transferring from “selling technology productions” to “providing compelling and personalised experiences”. The AI features help OEMs improve product differences and attract new customers. With the help of powerful AI technology, the smartphone can realise many intelligent functions such as special effect photo-taking, smart voice assistant, and biometric recognition. Thus, improving the smartphone AI user experience will be an important evolution roadmap for devices in the future.

Evaluating the device AI performance from a user perspective can better evaluate the device’s collaborative and optimisation ability between the system, software, hardware and AI algorithm models.

The TSG Smartphone User Experience working group (TSGUEX) is now focusing on the smartphone AI user experience performance testing standard. By defining the related technical parameters and testing cases, the standard will give a guidance on evaluating the device AI perception and interaction performances.

TSGUEX group has completed the intelligent camera and image performance testing cases. Now the TSGUEX group is focusing on the voice assistant performance testing guidelines. The biometric recognition performances evaluation will be proposed on the next stages.

The GSMA’s TS.29 can be downloaded at the link below.

TS.29 Smartphone Performance Test Case Guideline

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