Fraud and Security Group #16

Start: Tuesday 4 February 2020

End: Thursday 6 February 2020

Location: Sarasota, Florida, USA

Stay ahead of potential fraud and security threats by hearing and contributing to the latest intelligence and industry best practice.

Attendance is exclusive to GSMA Members.

Future Fraud and Security Risks

Andy Mayo, Vodafone, FASG Deputy Chair

“Past performance is no guarantee of future outcomes” is often a statement that goes hand in hand with any advertising to do with stocks or investment products.


Fraud and security managers are continually faced with shifting and dynamic priorities, yet we don’t necessarily see the deployment of our time, effort and resources as an investment that needs careful consideration. Moreover we get too comfortable looking in the rear view mirror, focusing instead on safeguarding against previous mistakes and losses. Whilst this, on the face of it, is all incredibly logical, it’s also ignorant of the potential threat around the corner, or in the distance which might cause more of a problem, whether that be financial, reputational or otherwise, should it come to pass.


Being aware of and prepared for future fraud and security risks takes discipline and exposes a vulnerability in ourselves that our judgement might be wrong. It also demands a dedication to break away from ways of working which have been familiar for many years, and it also needs trust in our ability to prioritise which we tackle first; our past or what is yet to come. One is harder than the other and therefore we naturally shy away and revert to what’s comfortable.


It’s our hope that FASG#16 provides the opportunity to step out of the past and have some dedicated time considering what  future fraud and security threats could mean to your business and its customers.

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