Fraud and Security Group #20

Fraud and Security Group #20

Start: Tuesday 22 June 2021

End: Thursday 24 June 2021

Venue: Virtual Event

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Hear from Fraud and Security Group Chair, David Rogers, about what to expect at FASG#20.

Safeguarding Secure Networks of the Future

The GSMA’s Fraud and Security Group (FASG) drives the industry’s management of fraud and security matters related to mobile technology, networks, and services, with the objective to maintain or increase the protection of mobile operator technology and infrastructure and customer identity, security and privacy such that the industry’s reputation stays strong and mobile operators remain trusted partners in the ecosystem. FASG provides an open, receptive, and trusted environment within which fraud and security intelligence and incident details can be shared in a timely and responsible way.

The theme of this GSMA Fraud and Security Group (FASG) virtual event is Cloud Computing and Virtualisation in Telecommunications Fraud and Security.


Open Session 

For the first time in the Fraud and Security Group’s 20 year history, it will open the doors for one of its sessions on Thursday, 24 June, and extend an invitation beyond group members to join part of the meeting and see its work in action – register to attend below!

Agenda and Speakers

Time Item
15:00 -15:10 Session opening – FASG Chair

  • Welcome
15:10 – 15:45 IoT Supply Chain Cybersecurity – Beau Woods, Cybersecurity Specialist

  • Types of supply chain cybersecurity risk: Supplier-Facilitated Risk, Counterfeit, Malicious Taint, Unintended Taint
  • Mapping a decade of attacks on software supply chains
  • Emerging practices and policies affecting supply chains: SBOM, critical software, supported lifetimes, and vulnerability disclosure
  • Where is the supply chain if everything is in the cloud?
15:45 – 16:20 U.S. Phone Scam Prevention Efforts and their Global Impact: – Chris Drake, Chief Technology Officer, iconectiv

  • U.S. service providers are required to deploy STIR SHAKEN by 30 June 2021
  • New regulations in place will impact global service providers terminating calls in the United States
  • Recommendations for global service providers to navigate the road ahead
16:20 – 16:55 Cloud and FinCyber Projects – Taylor Grossman & Monica Pellerano, Research Analysts, Cyber Policy Initiative, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

  • Overview of Carnegie’s Timeline of cyber incidents targeting the financial sector
    • Profile of 2-3 case studies involving mobile payment systems, at least one featuring a cloud-based incident
  • Overview and discussion of Cloud Project
    • Governance: developing a mosaic of generic norms, laws, standards, and regulation – at the enterprise, governmental, national and international levels – to enable stakeholders to harness the cloud’s benefits while managing the various challenges it presents. This project is quite far along.
    • Risk: assessing (and quantifying) both malicious and non-malicious cyber risks, especially those that could have systemic (cascading) effects and exploring ways to mitigate them. This effort is in an early stage.
  • Discussion of FinCyber strategy and upcoming work on cloud & the financial system
16:55 – 17:00 Wrap-up & meeting close – FASG Chair
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This session will take place on Thursday, 24 June 2021 between 15:00-17:00 BST. It will be held on BlueJeans Events platform.

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