Stolen Phone Checking

IMEI Look Up Service – Checking for Lost or Stolen Phones

GSMA offers a look up service, GSMA Device Check, whereby operator sponsored industry stakeholders can check a mobile phone or device against the GSMA’s registry of lost and stolen devices based on its IMEI. There are strict eligibility criteria for access to this information and applicants must demonstrate that they are mobile insurers, device recyclers, authorised dealers, repair centres, law enforcement agencies, regulatory bodies or national interest groups and an operator sponsorship must be obtained.

About Lost or Stolen Phone Blocking/Blacklisting

In a growing number of countries operators allow consumers to report a mobile phone or device as lost or stolen using the device’s unique identity number, the IMEI. This is known as IMEI black listing and leads to the phone being blocked on the mobile network. The black listed IMEIs are provided to the GSMA central IMEI Database allowing operators to exchange data and to block devices on multiple networks nationally and internationally.

The network operator is normally the first organisation a consumer contacts if their device is stolen so they can block their SIM card and prevent unauthorised charges being applied to their account.

Lost or Stolen Mobile Phone Recycling Prevention

The GSMA Device Check Service can be used to identify stolen/blocked goods when recycling devices or selling second hand devices. It can also be used as a source of data in assessing if devices could be counterfeit when valuing devices for recycling. Click here for information about tools GSMA can offer to help.

Mobile Phone Insurance Fraud Prevention

The GSMA Device Check Service offers information which can help insurers in identifying false claims. Claims made for devices which have not been reported as lost or stolen may be worth additional investigation. Click here for information about tools GSMA can offer to help.

About the GSMA IMEI Database

Click here for more details on the GSMA IMEI Database.