Security Advice for Mobile Phone Users

Every day, all over the world, millions of people enjoy the convenience provided by the GSM family of technologies. Today, over 5 billion people have access to mobile services and this number is growing rapidly. Mobile phones have revolutionised the way the world communicates.

Whilst using a mobile phone is generally a trouble free experience, these desirable and sophisticated devices have, inevitably, become the subject of some interest amongst the world’s criminal fraternity. One issue is, of course, the theft of mobile phones, although this is often perceived as being a more serious threat than it really is. But additional challenges more familiar to the fixed Internet world, such as spam and mobile phone viruses, are also on the increase.

These web pages aim to provide mobile phone users with simple, easy to follow advice to help you minimise the risk of experiencing these problems firsthand.

To learn more, select a topic from the list below or read our general hints and tips on safe and secure use of your GSM phone:

If you would like to see additional topics covered on these web pages please send your suggestion to If you have any specific concerns regarding the use of your mobile phone services, we recommend that you contact your service provider’s customer service team for assistance.