APAC 5G Industry Community – Past Events

Mobile 360 Asia Pacific 2022 - Digital Industry Summit

Connected Manufacturing

Advance Mobility and Transportation

Digital Healthcare


Mobile 360 Asia Pacific 2023

Part 1 Digital Transformation: Strategies and Collaborative Partnerships

Part 2 Digital Transformation: Sector Specific Case Studies in the 5G era



Joint Community Forum: Advancing Manufacturing with Private Networks across APAC and Europe

How 5G SA is optimizing manufacturing and productivity?

Joint Community Forum: Exploring how 5G is powering digital industries across APAC and Europe

Leading Indonesia and ASEAN towards Industry 4.0 through Data-Driven approach

Advancing Smart Manufacturing in the 5G era

5G Industry Community Summit at GSMA Mobile 360 Asia Pacific 2021

Digital Enterprises’ IoT Session at GSMA Mobile 360 Asia Pacific 2021

APAC 5G Industry Forum – powered by GSMA and Huawei


Logistics and Port

5G IoT will Redefine Logistics & Transportation

Smart Port & Logistics in the 5G City

5G transforming Airport and Aviation



Connected Healthcare in the 5G Era

How 5G and IoT tech will transform healthcare


Energy, Mining and Utility

Digital Transformation in Mining and Energy in the 5G era


Smart City and Public Sector

5G brings new momentum to smart city development



Connected Drone Workshop: Integration of Mobile, Aviation and Drone Industries

The Connected Skies at GSMA Mobile 360 Asia Pacific 2021


5G Alliances

5G Ecosystem – Unlock opportunities through strategic partnership

Global 5G Alliances Summit at MWC Barcelona 2024


Press Conference at Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum 2022

APAC 5G Industry Community 1st year celebration video

Congratulations video from 3 new ecosystem partners