Integration of AI in Next Generation Networks – by GSMA DX Acceleration Forum

Integration of AI in Next Generation Networks – by GSMA DX Acceleration Forum

Start: Thursday 4 July 2024 15:30

End: Thursday 4 July 2024 17:00

Venue: Online (GMT+8)

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into next-generation networks, particularly the transition from 5G Advanced to 6G, represents a transformative shift in telecommunications, offering unprecedented opportunities to enhance connectivity, system efficiency, and service delivery. This integration is pivotal as networks evolve to become more adaptive, intelligent, and capable of managing the increasing complexity and demands of modern digital ecosystems.

Aspects of AI Integration for consideration in 5G Advanced to 6G include:

Autonomous Network Operations: AI’s role in automating network operations becomes crucial as we advance towards 6G. AI algorithms are designed to facilitate self-organizing networks (SONs), enabling automated configuration, optimization, and healing processes.

Enhanced Data Management and Analytics: The exponential increase in data generated by a multitude of devices in IoT-heavy environments is managed more efficiently through AI.

Improved Network Security and Reliability: The proactive nature of AI in identifying and responding to threats is vital for ensuring the reliability and security of 5G Advanced and 6G networks.

Energy Efficiency: AI helps optimize energy usage across the network infrastructure, significantly reducing the carbon footprint and operational costs associated with running advanced telecommunications networks.

Facilitating Advanced Technologies: AI is instrumental in supporting advanced technologies that require high reliability and minimal latency, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), autonomous vehicles, and remote medical services.

The integration of AI functionality in MEC and next-gen networks like 5G Advanced and 6G is set to revolutionize the telecommunications landscape by providing smarter, more efficient, and user-centric services. However, harnessing these benefits also requires addressing the inherent challenges in technology deployment, creation of scalable and sustainable commercial business models especially around security, new revenue streams and ethics.

This 90 minute virtual seminar will examine the importance of the role of AI in shaping the future of telecommunications as we edge closer to a more connected and intelligent world, necessitating a collaborative approach among stakeholders across industries to fully realize the potential of 6G networks enabled by AI.