Advancing Smart Manufacturing in the 5G era by APAC 5G Industry Community

Advancing Smart Manufacturing in the 5G era by APAC 5G Industry Community

Start: Thursday 2 December 2021 14:00

End: Thursday 2 December 2021 16:00

Venue: Online (GMT+7)

This virtual workshop will bring together specialists from the APAC 5G Industry ecosystem which includes mobile network operators, technology providers, regulators, manufacturers and enterprises. Topics include:

  • Manufacturing landscape in the 5G era
  • Manufacturing industry facing the pros & cons in the digital transformation
  • Manufacturer achieve operational excellence with 5G+IoT+AI
  • Experience in nurturing manufacturing ecosystem
  • Discussion about advancing Smart Factory with partnership to go-to-market

ASEAN is the fastest growing internet market in the world. ASEAN digital economy expected to add over $1 trillion to regional GDP in next 10 years. Countries and MNOs in Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia have begun their 5G Journey. ASEAN has made bold steps towards a Digital ASEAN with the ASEAN Digital Masterplan. 5G promises to unlock an unprecedented wealth of potential use cases and incremental value in ASEAN, however decisive policy and regulatory decisions will be necessary to motivate industries using new technologies, solve spectrum, cross border business and cybersecurity concerns.

Manufacturing is one of the key industry contributing huge economy benefits. 3.4 times grows in Smart manufacturing IoT connection, reaching 1.5 billion globally by 2025 – the fastest growth rate of all the enterprise IoT verticals. The pandemic has exacerbated existing challenges and pain points for manufacturers, highlighting the need to for automation, robots, remote control, improve supply-chain resilience and boost production speed and flexibility.

APAC 5G Industry community is a new ecosystem established for stakeholders including government & agencies, industry associations, mobile network providers, enterprises & industry players, solution providers, analyst & consultants who are seeking opportunities to deliver Industry 4.0 and digital transformation from 5G networks, edge-cloud services and enterprise IoT, AI application. The community creates 3 Industry Interest group including Manufacturing, Healthcare and Logistics, port and transportation that open for industry participation.

14:00 - 14:10

Opening remarks – Manufacturing Landscape in the 5G era
Terence Wong, Head of APAC 5G Industry Community, GSMA

14:10 - 14:30

Keynote and Fireside Chat – Manufacturing Industry Facing the Pros & Cons in the Digital Transformation
Pranontha Titavunno, Deputy Chairman, Institute of Information and Communication Technology for Industries, Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.) and
ADVISOR to Minister of Digital Economy and Society, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES)

14:30 - 14:50

Keynote and Fireside chat –  Manufacturer Achieve Operational Excellence with 5G+IoT+AI
Ming Ching Cha, Director, Consulting, ASEAN TMT Market Segment, Ernst & Young Advisory Services


Sachin Sanghi, APAC Cloud Sales Expert Industry 4.0, Siemens

14:50 - 15:10

Keynote – How to Build a Better Manufacturing ecosystem with Strategy and Policy
Dr. Supakorn Siddhichai, Executive Vice President, Smart City Promotion, Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa)

15:10 - 15:55

Panel - Advancing Smart Factory with Partnership to Go To Market

Q & A

Moderator: Navachai Kiartkorkuaa, Head of Enterprise Marketing and SME Business Management Section, Advanced Info Service (AIS)



  • Asnee Wipatawate, Head of Enterprise Telecom Technology Product Department, AIS
  • Kanlayanee Kongsomjit, President, TKK
  • Dr. Ampol Tungkanawanich, Head of Business Development, Advanced & Smart Factory Solutions , OMRON Electronics, Co. Ltd.
  • David Mohally, Business Innovation Lab Leader (SPO Lab), Huawei

15:55 - 16:00

Terence Wong, Head of APAC 5G Industry Community, GSMA


K. Asnee Wipatawate

Head of Enterprise Telecom Technology Product, Advanced Info Service Plc. (AIS)

Ms. Asnee Wipatawate has joined AIS since 1994. Along her career path, she has built her experience in various functional areas including product management, product and service development, business development, marketing, and customer experience management.

Her current position is Head of Enterprise Telecom Technology Product where her responsibilities are to lead and look after various product and business areas including 5G for Enterprise, Internet of Things, Digital Marketing and Data Analytics, Enterprise Network Service both domestically and internationally, and Business Solutions.

Navachai Kiartkorkuaa

Head of Enterprise Marketing and SME Business Management Section , Advanced Info Service Plc. (AIS)

Navachai has more than 25 years of B2B ICT experience across various sectors and technologies. He has joined AIS 11 years ago and has covered numerous businesses from Enterprise Mobility and Fixed Broadband to Digital services. He has been responsible for growth of multiple AIS new businesses such as Business Solutions, Enterprise Data Network services, Cloud services, Cybersecurity services, IoT services, and 5G. He has worked on several GTM strategies and key project opportunities. He holds  Master of Business Administration in General Management, Master of Arts in Philosophy, and Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics.

Supakorn Siddhichai

Executive Vice President, Smart City Promotion, depa

Supakorn graduated from the Electrical and Electronic Engineering department, Imperial College, London. In 2001, he joined NECTEC as a research scientist and led various projects involving computer vision, intelligent transportation systems, rural education promotion, and smart city. Since 2015, he has served the Royal Thai Government’s smart city initiative and led the implementation of smart city in Phuket. He joined Digital Economy Promotion Agency (depa) in 2017 as Vice President of the Smart City Promotion department, in charge of driving smart cities around Thailand. Since April 2019, he has served as Executive Vice President in charge of smart city promotion, IoT and digital innovation, and digital platform promotion.

Ming Ching Chai

Director, Consulting, ASEAN TMT Market Segment, Ernst & Young Advisory Services

Ming Ching is the 5G & Private Network Practice Lead, Enterprise Practices of Maxis, paving the path for Malaysian businesses to realize 5G and Private Network benefits. She is a senior telecom professional with prior specialization in IoT, delivering best in class the IoT Managed Connectivity and Solutions to Enterprises in Malaysia since 2014 and over 10 years of technical expertise in network planning and technologies.


Pranontha Titavunno

Deputy Chairman, Institute of Information and Communication Technology for Industries, Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.)

Pranontha Titavunno is the Deputy Chairman of the Institute of Information and Communication Technology for Industries, Federation of Thai Industries (F.T.I.), and Advisor to the Minister of Digital Economy and Society, Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES).

Terence Wong

Market Development Director, Head of APAC 5G Industry & IoT Community, APAC, GSMA

Terence serves as the Market Development Director at APAC Technology team in GSMA. The key focus is on 5G, IoT, eSIM. He establishes the APAC IoT partnership programme and the APAC 5G Industry Community that accelerates the 5G and IoT ecosystem development and innovation in the APAC region. The IoT partnership programme accumulates 60+ MNOs, 500+ innovators and ecosystem members in 20+ APAC countries, jointly drive the digital transformation in various sector including manufacturing, transportation, logistics & port, healthcare, smarty city, agriculture and environment protection etc.

Worked for IT/Telco industry for over twenty years, Terence has strong and broad experiences in telecom industries on infrastructure, product development and management, consultancy, sales and marketing. He has worked for multinational companies such as Fujitsu, Nokia, and served as the architect, consultant, product lead and pre-sales head of BSS/OSS in the Asia region.

Terence has Bachelor of Engineering (Electronic Engineering) in Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and Master of Business Administration (Information Technology Management) in Hong Kong Polytechnics University, previously certified as Project Management Professional (Project Management Institute).

David Mohally

Business Innovation Lab Leader (SPO Lab), Huawei

David has over 25 years experience in the Telecommunications sector working with many of the leading IT and Telco vendors including Huawei, IBM, Lucent and Ericsson. Currently working as Business Innovation lab leader focused on Business Research (SPO Lab) within Huawei, he is tasked with looking at how the Telco industry will evolve in the coming years. He is working closely with leading international business schools to develop methodologies for exploring future Telco opportunities and business models.

David has rich project practice experience in the innovation field of Telcos and vertical industries, and has successfully cooperated with Tier1 in Western Europe and the Middle East on vertical industries and digital transformation. He has extensive experience across product management, business model design, use case design, solution design, and customer experience management.

Dr. Ampol Tungkanawanich

Head of Business Development, Advanced & Smart Factory Solutions , OMRON Electronics, Co. Ltd.

Dr. Ampol Tungkanawanich has joined OMRON since 2017. Along his career path for more than 20 years, he a has long experience as a top management of global companies in various industries, automotive, electronic manufacturing service, and business consulting. Leveraging his well-rounded knowledge, he has been continuously contributing to Thailand Industry 4.0 development, in various applications like plant visualization, IIOT, automated vision system, autonomous mobile robots (AMR) and OT&IT convergence.

His current position is Head of Business Development, Advanced & Smart Factory Solutions where his responsibilities are to lead the advanced factory automation projects to both new and existing OMRON customers to contribute to the success of his clients in cost saving and productivity.

Sachin Sanghi

APAC Cloud Sales Expert Industry 4.0, Siemens

Sachin Sanghi has 25 years of experience across manufacturing and digitalization domains. He started his career with a 10 year stint with General Motors in Michigan, USA in the 1990s. For the past 11 years he has been with Siemens. He has helped several companies adopt Industry 4.0 technologies. With his experience with manufacturing companies, he has also worked upon several shop floor and enterprise manufacturing initiatives from implementation of lean techniques to theory of constraints. In his current role he is actively working with the industry for adoption of cloud and internet of things for solutions like predictive maintenance, connected shop floor including the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning to both, discrete and process manufacturing sectors. At Siemens he is presently part of the APAC team of MindSphere, the Industrial IoT as a service from Siemens.

Kanlayanee Kongsomjit

Founder and President, TKK Corporation Co., Ltd.

Founder and President of TKK Corporation Co., Ltd., Thailand leader Factory Automation Provider company that operates in providing solutions in various industries.

To help industrial operators improve the production process of the factory to increase production potential. We provide new technologies and innovations for upgrade Thai factories to Industry 4.0 era, which has outstanding performance that has won the Innovation Best Award 2020 from the UK Invention Exhibition (IBIX) and the Prime minister Award 2021. In the field of Innovation for Crisis from the development of automated mobile robots for medical services