Mobile 360 Asia Pacific

Mobile 360 Asia Pacific

Start: Tuesday 19 October 2021 10:00

End: Thursday 21 October 2021 17:00

Venue: Online

Mobile 360 Asia Pacific convenes the tech ecosystem from across Asia-Pacific alongside governments to reap the benefits of digitisation and seize the opportunities new technologies enable. It brings leaders together to create the region’s most connected and influential technology experience. This is a perfect opportunity for you to hear from the region’s leaders and innovators without limit.

There will be pre-conference summits in week of October 4th and 11th leading up to the main conference on 19-21 October.

Digital Transformation on 5 October

Mobile networks have been one of the strong pillars of national digital economic transformations across APAC. Despite many challenges that Mobile Network Operators have faced to transforming their own operations, they have participated in the growth of their economies. Mobile connectivity, still remains the bedrock of the digital ecosystem but innovation in open architecture network technology, MVNOs, customer engagement and digital service collaboration provide opportunities for MNOs to disrupt the traditional operational models and accelerate digital transformation for the region. Hear from industry and digital leaders the importance of MNOs in accelerating digital transformation and growth of the economies.

Discover more at the following summits:

  • Digital Transformation in the 5G Era
  • Digital Operator Network Architecture
  • Digital Transformation of Telcos
    ORAN, MVNO and Digital Services including Identity
  • New Digital: Customer Revenues and Relationships
  • Diversity in Tech Summit
  • Mobile for Development
Digital Society on Tuesday 12 October 2021

COVID-19 has shown that a digital society is more resilient to economic shocks. ‘Connectivity’ and ‘Technology’ play a crucial role to build a thriving digital society.

In addition to ‘Connectivity’, Digital transformation of a society requires enablers such as Digital Identity, Trust, robust Payments platforms and innovation to focus on solving real problems. With lessons well learnt, the day will focus on building blocks of a stronger than ever digital society.

GSMA presents a dedicated platform to discuss the nitty-gritty of the network coverage and usage gap that remain stubbornly high in many markets and have been a challenge for a long time.

Hear from the APAC leaders in industry and the government how ‘Regulatory reforms’, ‘Digital ecosystem sustainability’, and ‘industry growth’ together promise a richer and more prosperous universe of digital services to support a resilient digital society.

Discover more at the following summits:

  • Technology vs the Pandemic: How Digital Advancements helped in the fight against the pandemic
  • Advancing Digital Society in APAC
  • Connectivity as a Resilient Foundation
  • How a Lack of Trust in Technology can Undermine Digital Societies
  • Whole-of-Government to deliver Industry 4.0 solutions
  • Spectrum: Reaching the full potential of 5G during this decade
Digital Enterprise on 13 October 2021 

5G, Big data and AI technologies have arrived and promise a revolution in enterprise and industry economic output. Pioneering enterprise and innovators are already enjoying the benefits of adoption.

However, low awareness and conflicting information can act as potential barriers to enterprise integration of new technology. The future demands digitally savvy, advanced enterprises that can rapidly adapt workforce and operations to changing market dynamics, providing competitive advantage and resilience.

Hear from industry leaders how early development and integration of new technology is creating new growth and performance across key sectors to digitally Hear from industry leaders how early development and integration of new technology is creating new growth and performance across key sectors and could help your organisations.

Discover more at the following summits:

  • A True Digital Enterprise, Are You Ready?
  • COAI: Enterprise opportunities from India and SE Asia
  • APAC IoT – Learn how to deliver secure global IoT services with 4G and 5G network for enterprises needs
  • Drone Aviation