Maximizing Metaverse Opportunities – powered by GSMA APAC Policy Group and DX Acceleration Forum

Maximizing Metaverse Opportunities – powered by GSMA APAC Policy Group and DX Acceleration Forum

Start: Thursday 19 May 2022 15:00

End: Thursday 19 May 2022 17:00

Venue: Online (GMT+8)

GSMA’s APAC Policy Group and Digital Transformation Acceleration Forum will be holding its first joint community virtual seminar, “Maximizing Metaverse Opportunities,” on Thursday, 19 May 2022 from 15:00 to 17:00 GMT+8.

The term “metaverse” was first mentioned in a 1992 novel titled Snow Crash by author Neale Stephenson to describe a future, virtual reality-based world existing in parallel to the physical world.  Now adopted by a range of tech companies, ecosystem players and businesses in adjacent sectors, the concept of the metaverse is key to the next wave of digital transformation advancement.  Many of the companies working on creating these virtual worlds are looking to the potential of ‘new territories’ to create metaverse monetization opportunities.

For the metaverse to grow and thrive alongside the physical world, collaboration between ecosystem players, OTTs, MNOs, and policymakers across sectors will be critical.  The availability of open interoperable platforms – as well as diverge range of content and applications – will be key to building a successful metaverse ecosystem.  However, these elements will also need to be supported by robust and reliable high-capacity networks if we are to truly create the rich and seamless digital environment that will engage consumers/citizens, enterprises, and governments to make the most of metaverse opportunities.

In the first phase of metaverse development, early movers among ecosystem players, OTTs, MNOs, and policymakers have different strategies to creating platforms, developing services, and leveraging new business models.  This webinar will invite pioneering MNOs, ecosystem players and governments to share their experiences and visions about the Metaverse opportunities and address questions such as:

  1. How should MNOs position themselves in the Metaverse, so they stay relevant?
  2. How can MNOs flexibly accommodate and collaborate with ecosystem players across different sectors to grow the Metaverse?
  3. What are the right ingredients for governments and policymakers to foster growth and expand the reach of the Metaverse across different sectors of the economy?
  4. How can digital transformation activities be effectively aligned with the development of the Metaverse?
  5. What are the realistic innovative business and collaboration models that should be followed to maximize the potential of the metaverse?
15:00 - 15:05

Welcome & Introduction
Julian Gorman, Head of APAC, GSMA


Johnny Kim, DXAF Community Head, GSMA

15:05 - 15:15

Key findings from GSMA’s latest report.

“Metaverse: A hyped-reality!”

Radhika Gupta, Head of Data Acquisition, GSMA Intelligence

15:15 - 15:25

Pioneering Government presentation: “A new frontier of Seoul Metaverse Seoul”
Mr. Jong-Soo Park, CIO, Smart City Policy, Seoul Metropolitan Government

15:25 - 15:35

Pioneering MNO presentation: “Highlight of KDDI’s Metaverse activities”
Mr. Masaaki Koga, Executive Director, KDDI

15:35 - 16:05

Panel: Ask the Mobile Network Operators
Moderator: Mr Shalv Parekhe, MNO Web 3.0 & Metaverse Lead SEA, Accenture



  • Mr. Henry Okoede, Senior Director, DX & Innovation, MTN Group
  • Mr. Young Sik Kim, SVP, DX Platform Business, KT
  • Dr. Mikio Iwamura, General Manager, XR Innovation Office, NTT Docomo

16:05 - 16:15

Ecosystem Player Presentation: “A new era of 3D design collaboration and simulation”
Mr. Paul Cutsinger, Director of Omniverse Exchange, NVIDIA

16:15 - 16:50

Ecosystem Panel: Ingredients to successful MNO/ecosystem collaboration in the Metaverse
Moderator: Mr Nitin Mahajan, Managing Director, Accenture



  • Mr. Robin Sho Moser, CEO, eyecandylab
  • Mr. Minwoo Kim, CEO, Hodoolabs
  • Mr. Nix Eniego, Philippines Lead, Axie Infinity
  • Mr. Yohan Lee, Director, The Sandbox Korea

16:50 - 17:00

Closing & Next Steps


Jong-Soo Park

CIO, Seoul Metropolitan Government

Mr. Park Jong-Soo is CIO of Smart City Policy Bureau, the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

He leads the Smart City Policy Bureau of Seoul City which consists of 200+ employees, and it is through this Bureau that Seoul City that establishes and implements Master Plans for Seoul Smart City and Metaverse Seoul, manages ICT-based public services, provides and analyzes bigdata and geographic information, operates broadband communication networks and promotes information security. Mr. Park is currently focusing on applying high technologies such as Metaverse, Big data, Blockchain, IoT and AI throughout Seoul and resolving urban problems by providing innovative public services based on technology.

Nitin Mahajan

Managing Director, Communications, Media and Technology, Client Group Lead, Southeast Asia, Accenture

Nitin is a managing director in Accenture. As client group lead for Communications, Media and Technology group in Southeast Asia (SEA), he is responsible for building and growing key relationships with leading companies operating in the region.

With over 20 years of consulting experience, Nitin has worked on major change initiatives for internet companies and telecom operators. He has successfully led teams on large projects that challenge the status quo and will bring to life an ‘only Accenture can do it’ spirit in all his engagements.

His passion lies in helping clients transform by bringing his cross-functional ideas that create a meaningful difference and business impact. For the last 10 years, Nitin has worked on over 200 projects across Asia Pacific including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Australia.

His recent work efforts include:

  • Digital transformation for a leading Asian integrated telecom operator
  • Merger due diligence between two leading Asian operator groups
  • Cost transformation (across Network, IT, sales & marketing) for multiple mobile operators
  • Network strategy for a leading Indonesian operator
  • 5G B2B use cases and vendor selection support for a new operator
  • Technology roadmap update for a leading telecom operator in Thailand
  • Launched a new greenfield mobile operator in SEA

Nitin received his MBA from INSEAD and a degree in electronics and communication from Delhi College of Engineering. He is based in Singapore.

Shalv Parekhe

MNO Web 3.0 & Metaverse Lead SEA, Accenture

Shalv leads Accenture’s Web 3.0 and Metaverse for telcos in Southeast Asia. Prior to joining Accenture, he worked across the Singtel Group in Singapore and Australia, and has led and delivered high-impact projects that enable organizations to accelerate their digitalization journey. His experience and expertise is around 5G Strategy and Go-To-Market partnerships, Data Strategy and Governance and E-commerce implementation. Shalv graduated from Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) and holds a Bachelor of Engineering (with Honors) focusing on Engineering Product Development.

Nix Eniego

Philippines Lead, Axie Infinity

Nix is the Philippines Lead for Axie Infinity, the leading NFT game globally. Nix has over 10 years of experience in marketing and a couple of years of experience in crypto and NFTs. He has helped multiple tech startups in Southeast Asia grow—while also having pioneered one of the first e-learning programs in the Philippines with thousands of students.

Robin Sho Moser

CEO, eyecandylab

Robin is the CEO of eyecandylab, a company building the streaming experience of the Metaverse through mixed reality and NFTs. eyecandylab is backed by Silicon Valley-based investors. Recent projects of the company have been honored with a nomination for an Emmy as well as a special mention during Google’s developer conference. He is in charge of Identifying global opportunities and building strategic partnerships in the telecom and media market.

Julian Gorman

Head of Asia Pacific, GSMA

Julian is the Head of Asia Pacific for the GSMA, leading a highly experienced cross-functional team to advance the impact, growth, and sustainability of digital economies by collaboration between the mobile industry, policymakers, and ecosystem. He is a global telecommunications executive with over 20 years of commercial and marketing experience across Wholesale, Business, Regulatory, Policy and Digital Transformation. He has pioneered new digital partnerships and business units in mature and emerging markets across Africa, Europe, Australia and Asia with industry leaders including Vodafone, MTN and Ooredoo. As an advisor to management executive teams and Boards, he has extensive insight and relationships to support collaboration and delivery of industry alignment.

He has been recognized for his leadership in digital innovation, digital women, health and agriculture services with industry awards and grants.

Julian has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Law from Australia.

Johnny Kim

DXAF Community Head, Strategic Engagement Director, Head of North East Asia, GSMA

John David Kim is Strategic Engagement Director and Head of North East Asia at the GSMA. In this role, he is responsible for engaging with GSMA mobile operator members, ecosystem partners and government/policy-makers in the Asia Pacific Region. His activities involve working closely with these organisations to introduce, implement and execute GSMA initiatives/programmes to foster innovative business/commercial strategies, new technology adoption/commercialization and general policy and regulatory developments across a range of topics such as IoT, 5G commercialization, VoLTE Interconnection and RCS etc.

With over 20 years of research and consulting experience in the ICT and Telecoms industry, especially in North East Asia, Johnny has executed and directed major research and consulting studies for MNOs, vendors and government/regulatory bodies across a wide range of areas. Prior to joining the GSMA, he worked as Regional Head/Managing Director for ICT global research and consulting companies specializing in Telecoms & ICT and key industry verticals, respectively for North East Asia.

Johnny completed studies in Science and Business/Marketing at the University of Melbourne and Swinburne University of Technology, respectively and has also completed postgraduate studies in Economics and Applied Information Systems.

Radhika Gupta

Head of Data Acquisition, GSMA Intelligence

Radhika is the Head of Data Acquisition at GSMA Intelligence and has expertise on global mobile operators. She has extensive experience in generating data-driven insights in her research. Her areas of expertise are operator networks and spectrum portfolio, operator strategies, metaverse among others. She produces monthly blog series “CURATED” to highlight industry trends based on data, the latest can be found here.

Minwoo Kim

CEO, Hodoolabs

Minwoo Kim is currently the CEO of Hodoolabs. Prior to this role, he held the following positions:

  • CEO, Kidaptive Asia
  • Head of Global Business, Chungdahm Learning
  • Head of Integrated Marketing Comms., Woogjin Thinkbig

Masaaki Koga

Executive Director, KDDI

Masaaki Koga joined KDDI in 1989 and has been working on technology development, planning and strategy. He received 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award Industry Leadership in 2006. He is the Executive Director in charge of industry standards under Technology Sector and is a GSMA Technology Group member.

Young Sik Kim

SVP, DX Platform Business, KT

Young Sik Kim is currently the Head of Digital Transformation Platform Business Unit at KT. Prior to this role, Young Sik Kim has held the following responsibilities at KT:

  • Senior Vice President of Integrated Security Platform Unit
  • Vice President of Strategic Planning Department
  • Director of New Business Strategy/Media Business Department

Henry Okoede

Senior Manager, DX and Innovation, MTN Group

Henry is reputed for Innovation and the commitment to the bold pursuit of new revenue and market frontiers. In his role at MTN Group Strategy and Transformation, he is the frontrunner in the development of the blueprint for MTN’s strategic innovation model and the implementation of related program initiatives for digital transformation..

Mikio Iwamura

General Manager, XR Innovation Office, NTT Docomo

Paul Cutsinger

Director of Omniverse Exchange, NVIDIA

Paul Cutsinger is director of Omniverse Exchange at NVIDIA where he’s focused on tooling for real time, true to reality simulation. With a career spanning Amazon, Disney, and Microsoft, Paul’s developer platform work centers on enabling creators to take their ideas into production.

Johan Lee

Director, The Sandbox Korea

Yohan is currently a Director of The Sandbox Korea, the Head of Business Development, and the NFT and Metaverse Industry advisor. He entered the blockchain industry in 2018 and joined The Sandbox as the first global team member and Korea Growth Lead in 2019 with a strong vision that NFT and P2E games will lead to the mass adoption of blockchain, establishing The Sandbox in Korea over the past three years.