APAC 5G EEC Virtual Roundtable II – Reimaging Networks

Wednesday 2 Sep 2020 |

The current, typical model for building a mobile network is outdated. Operators are constrained by legacy vendor architectures that have remained essentially unchanged for more than 25 years and aren’t suited for today’s more dynamic, application-driven environment. Operators urgently need a new model to ensure they remain competitive delivering new services faster while decreasing both capital and operating expenses.

This workshop looked at Open RAN architecture for software-defined RAN via network virtualization and how it achieves complete virtualization and programmability vertically and benefits the convergence of heterogeneous network horizontally. It provides open, controllable, flexible and evolvable wireless networks thereby

  • Ensuring interoperability with legacy radio access technologies
  • Guarantee performance in a multi-vendor scenario with scale and capacity

An executive from Vodafone also reviewed the key learnings, challenges, and benefits of a case study so as to:

  • Spur innovation through building an ecosystem
  • Enable supplier diversity
  • Reduce deployment and maintenance costs

The recording of the roundtable is viewable in the video button above.