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Wednesday 2 Oct 2019 |

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The information security threat landscape is ever-changing, evolving faster with increased risk of security events causing ever larger consequential damage – sometimes to reputation, or financial loss, and sometimes to operational systems and all attracting governments to regulate and reviewing of processes and procedures.

As the speed, power and reliability of IT technology (hardware and software) have improved, the telecoms world has embraced IT techniques and technology, (even calling itself ICT) with it some of the ‘old’ vulnerabilities in IT that are new to operators.

There is a shortage of deep expertise across these dual domains – telecom engineering is no longer concerning itself with capacity and throughput, the engineering organizations have to include virtualization, and IP communications among many other related fields. Furthermore, the increasing capacity requirements have been putting pressure on the telecom operators to constantly expand capacity, and maintain or improve quality and prices.

Adding to the complexity is the need for security of the network, maintaining the privacy of the information held by operators and the confidentiality of the traffic carried.

The GSMA APAC Cybersecurity Open Hub community will bring together operators, system vendors and experts from the IT and telecom world to help define and share best practices and experience for this ever-changing environment and help improve knowledge and preparedness for the cybersecurity challenges that lie ahead.

Its first event “Mobile Security Seminar – Securing the Future” was held on 25 September at the GSMA Mobile 360 – Digital Societies in Kuala Lumpur.  Speakers from the security industry shared their views and opinions about the security challenges in the coming 5G era. There were over 30 attendees, including government representatives, C-level and senior executives from mobile operators, service providers, vendors, and consultants who attended the seminar.  The presentation materials are available for download exclusively to our members of the Cybersecurity Open Hub.

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