APAC Digital Leaders Champion Interview Shorts – Aamir Ibrahim, CEO, Jazz

Wednesday 28 Oct 2020 |

The aim of the APAC Digital Leaders Champion program is to promote and champion the innovation and business leadership of leading CEOs and digital leaders from across the APAC region. As part of this program, a series of short interviews have been developed.

In this interview, Julian Gorman, Head of APAC GSMA, and Aamir Ibrahim, CEO of Jazz, has discussed the following topics:

  • The career journey of Aamir that has made him the leader he is now, and his recommendation for someone starting their career journey now in Pakistan
  • The Pakistan mobile industry has advanced significantly in recent years but penetration and mobile broadband adoption remain below regional averages. What do we need to focus on to increase the inclusiveness of digital and prepare for 5G?
  • Jazz has been trialing its 5G service since early this year. Other countries like Korea have launched over a year ago while many nations are still preparing. What are some of the factors behind deciding when a country is ready for 5G?
  • Jazz is a leader in diversity and inclusion and Aamir is a public champion for these issues. As a leader how important is it for him to be a champion and public role model for them?
  • Pakistan was commended internationally for its collaboration and response to COVID19. What were the key factors in beating expectations and the role of technology in managing the pandemic?
  • If the acceleration of the digital economy is crucial to a fast recovery in the post-COVID era, what is the role of telecom companies like Jazz to this digital recovery?
  • Jazz invests heavily in the youth, entrepreneurs, and start-ups in Pakistan. What would be the advice from Aamir to other industry leaders and the importance of that investment to him as a leader and his vision or Pakistan?